So, How Many People Actually Lost Their Jobs Last Year?

In terms of the number of people fired from their jobs, 2009 was one of the worst years in the history of the video game business. But just how many people were given the boot?

A study by research firm M2 Research has estimated that 11,488 video game industry professionals were laid off from late 2008 to the end of 2009, "with the majority of the losses coming in 2009".

Those losses came from 95 studios, of which 52 were located in the United States.

Throwing in their two cents, M2 believe most losses were the result of not only the challenges inherent in gearing up for a "new" generation of hardware, but in studios being "so focused on their retooling efforts they weren't able to see the changes in the market and the impact things like digital distribution, casual and social gaming was starting to have on the market."

Study: Industry hit by 11,500 layoffs since 2008 [Develop]


    I would like to see more stats on this as to what sort of people were laid off. I'll be a programmer in the games industry next year, just wondering if it was programmers, artists, technicians, general office staff or what got the boot... =(

      Is that 'If things go well I'll be...' or have you managed to score yourself some employement? If so, congratulations.

      If I were to take a guess I would say employees of all sorts would have lost their employement as a result of whole studios shutting down. I suspect that Quality Assurance may have taken a particularly big hit with the often contractual nature of employment in such a field.

      I personally know QA, artists, programmers, designers, audio techs, managers, producers and all sorts of other employees that have lost their jobs just locally.

    Here's to my fellow Krome Studio Homies
    *Pours out fine Scotch onto ground*

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