So Who Won Kotaku's Big Pile Of Crap?

This is it, folks. Here's where we find out who won that Style Boutique lip balm, that collection of GTA stickers, all those Nintendo grocery bags and... a ball of brown wool. Also, I've some news about making this a more regular giveaway.

What the heck am I talking about?

When you're a journalist you get sent an awful lot of stuff. Games companies obviously send games in the hope that you'll write about them. But since they know every other games company is sending games, they also often throw in something novel to catch your eye. We call it swag. Or in this case, crap.

In mid-December I decided to give away all the crap I'd received during the year. You can see for yourself exactly what's in Kotaku's Big Pile of Crap in the series of posts I did over the break. But for me the real highlights were:

* A copy of Tekken 6 signed by creator Katsuhiro Harada * A Borderlands satchel * A 7-inch vinyl record from the Cult of Rapture * Three Monkey Island pin badges * A PlayTV box for your PS3 TV watching needs * A Cricket Australia cap signed by Ricky Ponting * Four Rockstar Games t-shirts (Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club, The Ballad of Gay Tony and Beaterator)

Which is an awesome prize just in itself, ignoring the countless other items to be found in the Pile of Crap.

To win, all you had to do was comment on the site. Over the holidays I'd be monitoring the Kotaku comments who made the most thoughtful, articulate and worthwhile contributions. I was looking for quality and quantity. The most consistently excellent commenter would win the Pile of Crap.

And that person is...

Matthew Herne!

Oh, and Andrew Burdusel!

Oh, oh, and Joshua Iacobozzi!

Yeah, I couldn't choose. So I'm going to split the prize between the three of you. You'll even be able to select which bits of crap you'd most like. We'll sort all that out when I get in touch with you later today.

Congratulations to everyone though, not just the three winners. The last two to three weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the standard of conversation and debate here on Kotaku. Not that it was bad before, but you have all outdone yourself over the holiday period. And I'm sure you - like me - would like to see it remain that way.

As such, I'll be giving away a prize pack every month from now. It won't be a Pile of Crap - I'd rather save all that for the year's end - but it'll be something worthy of the site's best commenter. Stay tuned for more news on that in the coming weeks.


    Wow, thank you, i Only have a PS3, so yea

      Yeah, I've only got a 360 and a Wii, but I think Matt has all three.

        Wow, this is awesome! Congratulations to both of you! I've got all 3 consoles, so I guess between us we can work out who gets what.

        I must say, it's been fantastic posting with everybody! Thanks David!

          We actually go to the same Uni, small world

            Seriously? I don't go to Uni anymore - I wish I did, because I loved the holidays, plus the "I'm tired today, I'll give this lecture a miss" factor. Unfortunately, I'm out in the real world :(

    Nice work guys :)

    Oh, and this means that the usual crap conversations will resume... right? ;)

    Nice work. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I like the idea of a monthly prize for the best poster... cash for comments anyone? ;)

    Heh, I figured it would be between those three.


    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be getting some tissues.

      Well, the biggest thing in there for me was the sackboy, so I have a request for whoever wins it (which by no means must you do): could you please photocopy the instructions? I entirely understand, though, if you'd prefer to keep them to yourself, though.

      Also, Dave, do you know if there are any plans to make those DIY Sackboys or crochet sackboys commercially available?

        Sure if I get the sackboy, but I'll scan it at school or something since we don't have a scanner here. Do you have an email or something?

          Yep, you can get me at [email protected], whether you end up getting it or not.

          And thanks :)

            Alright. It'll be around early Feb when I go back to school, so it'll be a wait if I end up getting the sackboy.

            Same goes for me, and I dare say Andrew (although he may be a greedy bastard, he doesn't seem like one to me :P ). I'd say that whoever gets it will end up scanning it for you. :)

        Actually i was interested in this one very muchly aswell. Think you could E-mail it to me? at [email protected]

          Sure. I've got a list of emails who want the instructions, so if you want the instructions e-mailed to you reply to this comment.

            It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me a copy as well, my emails: [email protected]

            I will be eternally in your debt, thankyou very much in advance.

    Thanks guys, and thanks David for selecting me.

    Too bad it couldn't have been split with more, but I'm glad that Matt and Andrew won as well, since they made as much comments as I did, I think.

      Josh, can you enable msging on your Facebook profile so I can contact you?

      Or else, reply here with your email address.

        Oh, alright. Enabling now, but if it doesn't work email.

          Got it.

    Well done guys, excellent posting.

    David, any particular posts that got these guys through?

      Hehe maybe an article comprised of some of their best posts entitled "Greatest hits of the lucky buggers than won the stuff you wanted"

      I'm going to pretend that I came in a very close fourth place

    lol @ ben latimore
    i unenjoyed reading his dribble the most.

    I hope that this can now tone down a bit. Felt like a private school the past few weeks here...

    I happen to enjoy reading the copious amounts of tl:dr posts.

    Whoever is after the Ponting cap may want to evaluate its value... the way Australia are playing at the moment it's rapidly sinking. :)

    w00t!!!! I'm so happy that I don't have to find a place for all the Crap! :D

    Congratulation to the 3 winners of the prize! Well deserved! Actually thought there might have been a couple of other names in there as well, there were some really great posts.

    Lastly, David/Kotaku for running such a cool promotion! :) I believe that this comp was the starting point for alot more posters on the site and that will continue without the incentive of a Pile Of Crap.

    However that being said, it's possible that it doesn't have to stop. Whilst the criteria can vary to win, perhaps Monthly Pile Of Crap, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, etc... depending on the amount of Crap you get.

      In the spirit of the competition being over and reverting to crap posts:
      yea what this guy sed


    Congratulations guys, I'm committing one of the seven deadly things right now (can you guess which one?)

    Oh well hopefully I'll win the Bayonetta competition or one of the new monthly ones.

    Just a thought though, Dave. Could you make a rule that if you've won a competition that you can't enter another one for like 3 or 6 months, just to give everyone the best chance of winning.

      Yeah, I wouldn't be adverse to something like that. It would be unfair for Andrew, Matt or I to win again after we're getting so much stuff from this.

    I meant "seven deadly sins". D'oh.

    Unless any of you winners Borderlands fans, would whoever receives it be willing to sell the Borderlands satchel to me?
    I'd happily pay for whatever you think the satchel is worth + postage to my location :)

    I doubt there's any other way I'd get one unless David knows

      Sorry man, I'm a Borderlands fan and if Matt and Andrew aren't interested, I'll be picking the satchel up.

        I understand completely. What system you got it for?
        I'm on 360, could play some time :)

          I'm on 360 as well. Getting the Network Adapter soon, so probably won't be on for a bit.

          GT: Shatterfront

    Grats all around guys! When we got to day of the reveal, i started to think 'Theres NO WAY IN HELL all of this fantastic stuff will go to ONE person!' so yeah, good to see the love shared around

    Congrats guys!

    I'll become a leecher... :p

    If there was a decision where the Bioshock 7in vinyl isn't wanted... I know a good home for it... :p

    I'll show myself out now! :D

    Well in, gents. I wonder if you could be convinced to expand to all three consoles on the basis of your collective windfall...

    I like the idea of giving stuff every week to good posters, It makes sense and will encourage people to leave good posts :D

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