So, Who's Behind Microsoft's New Game Room Service?

Microsoft's reveal of an Xbox 360 & PC "Game Room" is one of the bigger surprises of CES, but also surprising is the revelation of the team behind the retro arcade store/service.

It's not Microsoft Game Studios, nor as you'd expect is it Rare, the studio responsible for the creation of the avatars in the first place. No, it's the work of Krome Studios in Australia.

We last heard from Krome - best known for developing several Star Wars & Spyro titles - in November 2009, when the studio was forced to lay off a sizeable percentage of its workforce while bosses were "actively pursuing several business opportunities". Guess they found one!

If you're wondering "why Krome", well, the studio was looking for work, but more importantly has experience with Microsoft's avatars already, having developed Scene It? Box Office Smash back in 2008.


    Im interested but i've not seen anything indicate how funds will be generated. Will this be free but ad supported, will it be token based (buy x tokens for x Ms Points), subscription based, or will you have to buy and download the games you want to play?

    If someone has read an answer to the above Q, plz let me know here. I've not read much (besides what i've seen pop up through out the day) and i could easily have missed/not known about something.

    Apparently 400 MSP to own the game or 40-50 to play once. A f....kin' bargain! nyet

    50 to play once? 1 credit or one session (until you turn it off).
    50 points is about 80c right?

      correcto mundo. Good isn't it

    Krome also developed the Viva Pinata party game for MGS as well.

    What about games that you've already bought on XBox Live Arcade? Are they gonna make you pay for them again?

    It's always great to see aussie developers making a mark on the international market! Go Krome

    Its 400 MSP to buy a arcade game for your xbox 360 & computer or you can buy them single for 240 MSP. Plus its 40 MSP if you want to play it for just the 1 time

    awesome this is going to be sweet!

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