Some Halo: Reach Screen Shots

Game retailer EB Games seems to have accidentally uploaded the first direct feed Halo: Reach screens onto the game's product page.

Halo: Reach is slated for release on the Xbox 360 later this year. The game is set before the event of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo Reach Collectors Edition [EB Games via Voodoo Extreme]


    Sad that it looks like more of the same. I was hoping that Halo Reach would be something different.

    The U-drop ships make a come back! Its looking fairly good for a game thats no where near finished =]

    These are looking fantastic, but its still in the pre-beta stage so there's still some more polishing and such for Bungie to do. Hopefully it results in a better look...

    That is looking pretty great! If Bungie do this right it could be the game that brings me (and a lot of other people) back to Halo after moving over to Modern Warfare. Everything is going to have to be perfect in this game.

    that first screenshot has me worried a little - i hope this IS just really early into development when speaking of a graphical point of view.

    A lot of polishing therefore needs to be done in order for Halo: Reach to NOT look exactly like Halo 3.

    For three games and three separate engines made BY Bungie - they were really onto something. Halo did wonders for FPS but also graphics. Halo 2 topped that and Halo 3 just looked great!

    I know its going to get harder and harder to top each engine after engine to get those great graphics. Its going to be a time where you can't cause it just looks too real to be true. But plenty of games between Halo 3 and now have looked much better than Reach, and being Bungie, i'm a little disappointed thus far knowing a company like Bungie has access to a BIG budget to be able to make a great looking game.

      Halo3 may not always look great in static shots but the moving graphics always look good.

        I'm not complaining about Halo 3 - graphics wise it never did anything revolutionary like Halo or Halo 2 did. Still looked lovely though. Gears of War however was really grand and using the SAME engine made it look better in #2. BioShock had great graphics and Mass Effect -for it size, is actually better looking than Reach or Halo 3 for that matter.

        But concern is that, being a new engine, it should be greater than the one used for Halo 3 and judging by screenshots (and i know they are early shots) - its not working for me.

        However, i will still most likely enjoy the game cause its well, Halo.

          Actually Halo 1 was very revolutionary, brought in many graphical techniques that Nvidia often used to cross-promotion with.

          Can't say much about this and the previous games though.

    I'll have fun with Reach even if it is the same old, same old. They haven't done anything inventive since Halo 1.

    How boring.

    When did Bungie become content with not pushing the graphical envelope? Halo 1 and 2 were way ahead of their time visually, but the 360 iterations are, well... crap compared to other games on the 360.

    When I saw that initial trailer for Reach I thought this could be the 360 game that finally catches the PS3's visual fidelity. These screens have dashed my hopes somewhat, but time is still on Bungie's side.

    Not only are these beta shots but didn't they say they were toning things down more so you could have more things on screen.

    I mean I would much rather play a game with Halo 1 graphics if I could get into an actual warzone with dozens of enemies multiple wraiths and scorpions, ghosts buzzing around being chased down by warthogs full of marines. Than say Halo 3, not that there was really anything wrong with Halo 3, I just want to feel that epic-ness that they implied with the advertisements with the diorama. Now that fight looked pretty cool.

    Perhaps the new thing in this halo game won't be graphics, but trying to convey the scale of the war by making immense battles.

    Seeing games like Uncharted 2 and Gears of War, and even Dragon Age for being very artistic and nice looking, to seeing this results in a very skeptical view that the game will be nothing more than Halo 3.5 graphics-wise.

    I just hope they bring in a more dynamic first person experience to make it worth it. Also as other people said, Bungie still has time.

    Well...they kept the bloom effects:/

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