Some More Halo: Reach Screenshots

Some More Halo: Reach Screenshots

EB Games gave us an inadvertent taste of Halo: Reach the other day. Cover blown, Bungie has now decided to let loose the rest of the game’s first batch of proper screenshots.

Some of these will look familiar to anyone picking up the latest issue of Game Informer, but others – particularly the environment shots – are brand new.


  • Not hugely impressed by these. I’m left wondering after uncharted 2 which game will take console graphics up a notch. They seem to have peaked last year.

  • Why do I get the feeling that this’ll be the same old shit with a different cover. I loved Halo 1, 2 and 3…. I even read the books (which were great) but c’mon…… it’s really starting to wear thin now. ODST proved this by being utterly shite and just more of the same… it felt like an expansion pack. This, judging from the screenshots, looks to be exactly the same but with some mildly different environments and suits…. WOW!

    I’ve heard that they’re taking it back to more Halo 1 gameplay with health and non-dual wield (don’t quote me on that) but this seems to be stepping backwards, not forwards.

    • You are correct in saying that they are bringing back some elements from Halo 1 such as the health pack and such but they stated that they felt it gave the game more of a intense feeling “you are always wondering where the next health pack is….” which I for one welcome.As for Dual wielding being removed I doubt that.

      But I can agree when you say it looks like the same old halo games….im hoping that they add some sort of down the sites (not COD, but more like Killzone implementation). Or hopefully they really really expand on this equipment idea, rather then have things like sprint, which should have been added in halo 3.

      If your really curious as to what they are expanding on though go to the local borders and just quickly read Game Informers cover on it….

  • These are a lot better than the ones EB Games posted. However, still a lot of polishing needs to be done to convince me its a newer and better engine.

    How badass are the jackals looking – its awesome! And i’m really confused by that screenshot with the HUD. Whats with the cursor being in a position where the gun isn’t facing. Hmmm… this is gonna be gooooood.

    Details on the armour of the marines looks pretty sweet though.

    • “Whats with the cursor being in a position where the gun isn’t facing?”

      Halo: Reach Wii

      I’m not an avid Halo fan but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the game. This is looking great. I don’t see much improvement in the graphics department but that doesn’t bother me.
      I’d buy it if I owned a 360..

  • I think the graphics look great! Halo doesn’t strive for realism or gritty graphics. It looks just like all the other halo games but slightly better.

    I love my graphics, but to me this game looks just fine from these screens.

  • Y’know I was expecting more hype, but a lot of the comments I’m read about Reach across the internet are hating on it. It looks a helluva lot better than Halo 3 already, and these shots were taken from a pre-alpha build. Besides, since when were graphics everything? S’long as there’s solid gameplay I’m in. And I cannot wait for the beta

  • Wow looks freakin’ awesome! Can’t wait for this. Mass Effect 2 this week, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Fable 3 and Reach. This year is going to be amazing. One great game after another!

  • bland and boring. graphically on par with the screens i’ve seen of battlefield bad company 2, with worse lighting.

    I’m sick of Halo games, but for some damn reason I keep buying them.

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