Some WiiWare Developers Not Exactly Thrilled With Nintendo

Of all the major platforms and services out there, Nintendo's WiiWare is probably the most under-promoted and under-utilised (PSP mini's aside). Something developers are not happy about.

"We feel that Nintendo is not doing enough to promote the service at all," JV Games' Jag Jaege (Pong Toss) tells "We feel that the vast majority of Wii owners have absolutely no idea that they can even connect to the internet."

It's a sentiment shared by Nic Watt, of Aussie studio Nnooo! Games (Pop). "Nintendo, in my opinion, could do more to keep the WiiWare and DSiWare stores in customer's minds," he says.

"It is great that every new customer knows about and uses these services when they first connect their Wiis or DS. However, how many continue to frequent those stores? I think it is and should be Nintendo's responsibility to have a continued marketing presence to maintain people's awareness about the service."

You won't get many complaints from me. There's some great stuff on WiiWare, like LostWinds, but so little is done by Nintendo to promote the service - or the Wii's internet connectivity on the whole - that a big chunk of the service's potential audience is unaware it even exists.

Developers call on Nintendo for more WiiWare support []


    I hit the shop once, when I bought my brother his Wii, cos I'm the sort of person who wants to check everything (everything) before booting up the game. Neither of us have gone back since, there just wasnt any direction, you'd have to find your own way around and of what I found not much was appealing, the titles that were readily available having a 'Wii' prefix added on to ensure that I don't want it. A shame, considering they promote the console so-goddamn-much to the point of intergrating it in effectively every piece of first party software. It would seem that their enthusiasm is misdirected at making sure that when we look at a game, we see the word 'Wii' as many times as possible.

    I agree, it's not exactly a pleasant navigation experience. It works, just not that well, and considering that the majority of wii owners are "casual" there's no way they could figure out how to connect up wireless and then go and purchase a "quick buck" game. Perhaps if developers want to see bigger sales and awareness they should start porting to 360/PS3.....oh wait some are doing that, go figure :S Everyone just needs to accept the wii for what it is and when the Big N loses it edge, which it will, once the 'motion wars' start, then they'll come crawling back to the hardcore and catch up with M$ and Sony and join the current generation......ahhhh HD Zelda, i can only imagine.

    I wonder if its partly due to a competitive edge when it comes to their own titles? I know they make $$$ on everything but Nintendo has always been cutthroat when it comes to business. Just look at how they treated Sony when the CD based add on for the snes was designed and proposed. Without a huge margin of control and profits they just threw it out the window, and we all know what came of that...

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