Sonic Adventure Rumoured To Be Next Dreamcast To XBLA Port

Xbox Live Arcade may be home to yet another Dreamcast port in the form of Sonic Adventure. The Dreamcast launch title has reportedly been spotted on Xbox Live Marketplace, presumably on the developers and press-only PartnerNet version of Live.

After posting that report, Dutch Sega site pulled mention of the Sonic Adventure XBLA port, writing that its story had been "deleted on request of SEGA Europe." And that's just about the best way for Sega of Europe to confirm such a rumour without revealing the existence of a Sonic Adventure XBLA port.

If true—you know, if—Sonic Adventure would join titles like Rez, Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, and Ikaruga in making the leap from Dreamcast to Xbox Live Arcade, ports we're more than happy to enjoy again in higher definition. OK, maybe not Sonic Adventure, but the more the merrier.

With Sega giving Sonic the Hedgehog fans something new to look forward to in Project Needlemouse, the release of Sonic Adventure may be a good promotional release for the publisher. Or, at the very least, a grim reminder.

Sonic Adventure keert terug als Xbox Live Arcade-titel [ via Joystiq]


    i would pay for a sonic adventure hd if it was done right.

    If only they tune the game a little bit (as in fix the glitches, controls, camera, etc.) than this game could be good.

      "If only they tune the game a little bit (as in fix the glitches, controls, camera, get rid of all of Sonic's crappy friends etc.) than this game could be good."


    Hope it comes to PS3 as well.

    Then let's bring Jet Grind Radio over... (best game soundtrack ever), I'm sick of playing it on my PC emu.

    sonic adventure was the only good 3d sonic game ever made... i finished it on the dreamcast and still have an original copy of it... would definitely snap this up!

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