Sonic Is The Only Playable Character In Project Needlemouse

Sonic Is The Only Playable Character In Project Needlemouse

Sega’s Project Needlemouse character reveal trivia contest is over, with Sonic the Hedgehog the last man standing, making him the only playable character in the game. The only thing that could make this news better is robot crabs.

Sega kicked off a trivia challenge on Monday, with correct answers causing the names of potential playable characters to be stricken from the image above, until the actual roster was revealed. As I suspected, Sonic is the only character making the cut. The decision to dump his ridiculous roster of friends and focus on the hedgehog himself gives me hope that Project Needlemouse may finally be the Sonic game I’ve been waiting for.

Oh, and this helps too:

The chrome crustacean here is an example of one of the enemies in Project Needlemouse, which Sega offers as an example of art direction and overall spirit of the new game.

Oh Sega, you’re going to make me love you all over again.

Project Needlemouse Character Countdown – Finale and Concept Art! [Sega America – Thanks Deniz!]


  • I wonder where they got the idea to take Sonic back to the old skool and do a 2D game *cough megaman cough*.

    Still, I’m pretty excited about it though. It should be the first good Sonic game in a while. I’m assuming it’s gonna be a downloadable title coz why would they put a 2D game on a DVD/Blu-Ray

    The only question now is what consoles it’s gonna be on.

    • I don’t see why they wouldn’t put this game into retail on a disc. It’s a major entry into the series and SEGA will be looking to get as many sales possible. As a result making it a downloadable game is impractical as most people still buy their games on physical mediums.

      I’m not taking a shot at you or anything, I just really hate the mentality that 3D games are superior to 2D games.

      • Believe me, I’m not saying that 3D is Better than 2D. There are plenty of 2D games that are kick arse.

        And I agree with you that disc based games sell more. I was just thinking that being a 2D game that it wouldn’t be big enough to warrant putting it on a disc. I mean I’m no expert but I wouldn’t think that it would be more than a few hundred megs which would leave a ton of unused space on a disc.

        • True, it would leave a lot of space, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is fairly small leaving almost 4 gigs free on the disc. But with this sort of game (ie. high budget, a major entry into an established successful series) the cost of printing it onto a disc would be minuscule in comparison to the financial losses of making it a downloadable game. Especially when you consider the smaller number of sales and server costs.

          I’m fairly excited for this game though 😀

  • since there is no mention of tails and knuckles or amy on the list does that mean they are playable aka sonic advanced style?

    also this is amazing news. they TRULY are taking Sonic back to his roots! I thought we would have seen something to make us facepalm by now but only Sonic and Robot Crabs are AWESOME news.

    I would buy the disk version. Infact they should come out with a collectors or ‘something cleverly named’ (blue blur edition?) special edition with a figure/comic/compilation of games,music for this.

    Because ifs its truly Sonic’s revival it would sell by the dozens for fans. I know I would buy it.

    Wow so excited! If its anything as good as New Super Mario Bros, Sonic will be back and I will be a happy chappy!

  • Did anyone notice this on the news page?

    “In Project Needlemouse, there will be no new characters – playable or otherwise. The focus will remain solely on one blue hedgehog.”.

    I think that just about answers the Tails/Knuckles question.

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