Sony Adds 'Cloudsurf' To Cloud Of Trademarks

Just before 2009 came to a close, the Sony Corporation sought trademark protection for something cloudy, but something likely not Final Fantasy VII related, the service "Cloudsurf". That's one of a few "cloud" themed products hinted at by Sony.

Early last year, Sony filed a mark for PS Cloud. Specifically, Sony Computer Entertainment did, the folks responsible for the PlayStation part of the business.

The recent Cloudsurf, however, applies to more than just video games, also applying for the mark against mobile phones, digital cameras, televisions and more. Perhaps this is just a more marketable name for that broader PlayStation Network that Sony has been hinting at for some time. It's likely not portending the availability of echochrome levels anywhere and everywhere.

Sony also registered trademarks for video game related things under the name voyAgent, but we'll leave the speculation on that one up to you.

Cloudsurf [USPTO]


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