Sony Details PSN Expansion To Other Products

At CES 2010, Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai described long-anticipated plans to unify its PlayStation Network content offerings across its product line - including network enabled Blu-ray players, Sony televisions and PCs.

Further, Hirai announced the creation of a new studio specifically to produce content for this type of distribution. The studio will be called Sony Network Entertainment, and Hirai is in charge of it.

The PSN expansion will deliver "a single user login and experience across all product lines," Hirai said, effectively extending PSN's reach beyond gaming platforms. The video service will come to networked Bravia televisions and Blu-Ray devices beginning next month. It will also be available to any Windows-based PC. Users may sign in and buy content with the same PlayStation Network account they have on their consoles.

The PSN expansion culminates a long period of anticipation that the service would be extended beyond gaming devices. Back in June, Hirai told Fortune magazine that an expanded PSN would likely debut in the second quarter of this year.


    I seriously think this is all just set up for Sony to announce an iPhone clone. But yeah, at least if Sony make a phone we can get a look at what the PSPgo’s original concept was, before they hired a team of morons to retool it.

      Sony has Ericsson is already on to that I'm sure. I don't think Kaz really has that much to do with them.

      What you are going to see instead is streaming video content from the PSN directly to your TV. No Media PC or PS3 required. There will no doubt be more functionality then that but that will be the core of it.

    This is why alot of people Inside and outside of sony are saying that Grand Trismo 5 on PC is a high possablity..

    if u ask me very very soon we are going to see all games every where.. but enforced via networks for security/anti piracy..

    im excited!

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