Sony Increases The Storage Capacity Of Blu-Ray Discs

Sony Increases The Storage Capacity Of Blu-Ray Discs

Sony and Panasonic have announced plans to increase the capacity of Blu-Ray discs (such as those used by PS3 games) from 25GB to 33.4GB. Hideo Kojima will be so pleased!

According to a report from Nikkei, the increase comes courtesy of some new ways to evaluate content on the disc. Or, in more technical terms, is thanks to new partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) signal processing, which “assumes inter-symbol interference, which makes it difficult to base optical disc quality evaluation on jitter, as is widely done now for Blu-ray and many other optical discs”.

Now, there’s good news, and there’s good news. Good news first: this advance will be compatible with all existing Blu-Ray players, as all that’s required is a firmware update. So the technology will find its way to PS3 games soon enough.

And the good news? The increase applies to all layers of the disc. So as soon as dual-layered Blu-Ray discs start becoming common, you’ll be able to fit 66.8GB of data on a disc.

From 25 to 33.4 GB per Layer, Even Larger Blu-ray Discs on the Horizon [Nikkei]


  • So few games actually use up this amount of space, pretty sure Uncharted 2 and MGS2 are the only ones to use up a full blu-ray disc. How about rather than adding more space Sony put more money into finding out how to read them quicker. Games may not use the whole 66 gigs, but they sure do still take time to load.

  • Step forward those happy to wait those extra 20 seconds once the 3D updates come this year… not so fast, X360 afficionados.

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