Sony: Nearly Four Million PlayStation 3's Sold Over Christmas

Sony's Kaz Hirai took to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier today, and while up there revealed some impressive sales numbers for the PlayStation 3 over the holiday season.

According to Sony's internal numbers, over the five week period running from the end of November to the new year, 3.8 million PlayStation 3 consoles were sold worldwide, a number the company says is a 76 per cent boost over the 2008 holiday period's figures.

Amazing what a more manageable price and great games can do for a console, no?


    ...aaaaand 4 PSPGo's sold :)

      yes the PSPGo is truly a ridiculous piece of equipment. No UMD drive, smaller screen, more of a hand cramping control position, lack of games available to download and it's only $50 cheaper than an actual PS3. Sony really stuffed up there. I just bought a PSP 3000 and it's an awesome little machine.... oh an I can still download games to it as well. WTF Sony indeed.

        Most of your points are valid.
        But you're completely wrong on the lack of games. Pretty much every game is available on the store. the only hiccup so far was a 1week delay for LBP.

        But those work just as good on PSP3000.

          I was on the PS store the other day and there was bugger all games compared to the library you'll find at EB games. Maybe I wasn't looking in the correct area but I remember thinking that it was very limited in choice.

    The PSPgo still has A LOT of potential. It's mainly the price really.
    It's handheld so a large screen although would be nice, isn't really THAT necessarily. If you want a really large screen, go play your CONSOLE.

    But primary, the price is the main problem.
    Second would be current PSP owners who cannot play their UMDs on the thing.

    They need to lower the price, IF it means a loss. Or find a cheaper may to manufacture the thing ASAP cause i really don't want the PSPgo becoming the next Pippen or Nintendo Virtual Boy. They need Digital Exclusives for big titles to draw more attention.

      Af most PSPgo will become is GBA Micro...

      Yeah, I'm really gonna wanna take my console and TV with me everywhere I go. The PSPGo has "NO" potential whatsoever. It does even less than a normal PSP 3000 not to mention the control scheme being crammed together, just look at where the thumbstick is compared to the 4 face buttons.... it's crazy. I tried one out for a couple of minutes then promptly bought the 3000. Heck, I can still put in a 16 gig card in the 3000 and have a UMD drive, larger screen and better control layout.... now tell me again.... Why is the PSPGo better?

      To be honest I don't know why we are going to have to pay $50 less than a PS3 for technology that's 5 Years old, and what baffles me is the fact that older PSP models can do pretty much everything apart from of course the sleeker design and Bluetooth connectivity that the PSPGo offers.

      I was really hoping that the PSPGo would be more of a cheaper low-cut system just like the Gameboy Micro... but I guess Sony's taking that whole iPhone approach and cashing in on the people who think its hip and cool to download things onto it.

    I think the PSPGo's pros and cons debate has been exhausted already. But let's recap: For $300 you can get a PSP3000, still a few bundles around incl Gran Turismo, LBP or even Hannah Montana, hell even haggle the price for the Resistance Retribution bundle that is still about. This does not come with a Pro Duo, 2GB for about $35 is entry level. For $400 you get a Go, until this weekend you can register for a free game from Gran Turismo, Assassins Creed Bloodlines or Motorstorm Arctic Rift. It has 16GB mem built in- saving maybe $150 if bought separately, and Bluetooth-you can plus Go into TV and use PS3 controller to play etc. The kind of person who cannot see the value in investing more for the Go, is not really the target demog for it. That or an EB employee badmouthing a product they dont sell. Poor sales do not mean poor product.

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