Sony Plans Less Awful Heavy Rain Box Art Option For America

If you have a discriminating eye for fine video game box art and were rendered inconsolable by the visual blight that is Heavy Rain's North American box art, Sony has good news for you.

In response to a request for the PlayStation 3 game's "EU boxart available as a pre formated PDF to print out", Cristian Cardona, associate product manager at Sony Computer Entertainment writes on the that the publisher plans on doing just that very thing.

"We'll be doing that for those that would prefer the UK artwork," Cardona says to those turned off by the domestic cover. "Keep an eye out on the blog around launch!"

Oh, we will keep an eye out, despite having our nose turned up at an incredibly sharp angle due to the local version of Heavy Rain's cover! We'll keep both eyes out!

Introducing the Official Heavy Rain Box Art [ via Shacknews]


    Despite not having a PS3 and not having any interest in this game, I noticed the article about the box art the other day, and also noticed how poor the US art was compared to the EU art. It's interesting that Sony is releasing the EU art online so that people can print it off. It would be awesome if more companies provided alternative box art for download.

    That is pretty cool, it should be the norm that if people prefer the box art from another region, they can then head to a link and download a high res PDF of the box art they favour.

    I really like how simple the origami image is. I think it is a visually strong image that will draw more attention on the shelf.

    I’m sure some people will be happy, but to me it still sucks, because I can really just print out any picture and stick it on myself can’t I?, this doesn’t change the fact that the really crappy cover is still the ones that’s going to be on store shelves. Plus you need to print it out on high gloss paper if you don’t want to looks like a cheap cover they give you with burnt games.

      I'm pretty sure we will be getting the EU boxart in AUS.

        That's correct.

    I honestly think it would just be a better idea to have them to stick with the EU boxart from the getgo. It's not really fair on people to have to go through the effort of printing out a much less ugly boxart - waste of time, waste of ink, waste of paper.

    Why do they still insist on making the covers for the imagined "retards who will never look at anything without titties or grizzled space marines looking awesome and blowing shit up" (or RWWNLAWTGSMLABSU for short) audience?

    If the RWWNLAWTGSMLABSU audience has this kind of install base, why are they even bothering to make games that aren't just giant, limbed tits and arses with limbs exploding monsters and buildings whilst fucking grizzled space marines who are also exploding various things?

    If sony aknowledged that the North American box art is aweful and offer the alternative box art for download, Then why dont make the EU box art the standard box art all round.

    Once again... Stupid Americans.

    It's all business, Sony's doing the right thing

    I think all companies should release PDF versions of the box art :)

    Pre ordered the collectors edition. We get the original box art here, woot!

    Who cares what the box art looks like?!

      i do im getting Ce of mass effect 2 for that very reason

        lol! I'm doing the same, if you wanna see an ugly box just look at Mass Effect 2; at least the collector's is decent looking.

        Anyway its good that Sony's doing this; companies should do it more often. I honestly didnt think it was THAT bad, but we definitely get the better art no doubt. Cant wait to play it though :)

    You'd think they could just make a reversible cover, much like Nintendo did for the New Play Control titles..

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