Sony Pleased As Punch With Apple's iPad

While Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expressed some rather public disappointment with the new Apple iPad yesterday, representatives from rival firm Sony couldn't be happier.

"Apple's entrance into the portable gaming space has been a net positive for Sony," Sony's John Koller, Director Hardware Marketing, told the Wall Street Journal. "When people want a deeper, richer console, they start playing on a PSP."

If positive thinking really was a power, Sony would be moving mountains about now.

Sony: Apple iPad Not A Threat To Its Mobile Game Player [Wall Street Journal]


    You'd think they'd goto a DS first, or are they assuming that you already have a DS an iPhone and then go buy a psp?

    I guess not many people want a "deeper, richer" handheld console then. This is typical PlayStation marketing trash: talk up the Sony console, imply that the competitor's product is inferior clearly but without openly saying it and, most importantly, never mind the facts.

      well, it is true. the iphone/touch and most probably the ipad are inferior gaming devices compared to the psp.

      regardless, thats what marketing is. theyre business salesmen and talking up the product they are trying to sell is what they do. you dont complain how builders lay their bricks.

        You do when there is a big-ass crack in your wall!

        not to mention that the Ipad is a piece of Garbage Its a giant Ipod Touch

        and you say that this is marketing trash the entire this is phenomenal speech was BS to

        I was referring more to the implication that iPad owners who want a dedicated gaming platform will move on to the PSP, not the DS.

        I do realise that marketing is all about talking up a product regardless of quality, but once again I think you misinterpreted me. What I was referring to as "marketing trash" was Sony's insistence on making snide implications about their competitor's products. They're often less about trying to convince you that the PS3 and PSP are good and more about trying to convince you that everything else is bad, and that's just arrogant marketing.

          Having confidence in your product differs from arrogance. I believe your responses are more arrogant than anything I read in the article.

          You're looking at the biggest home entertainment company in the world, suck it up.

    The Ipad is going to be terrible. its a large iphone...

    Will it even have flash??? Because the iphone doesnt, which mean half the sites on the iphone dont work. And it will be the same with the Ipad unless they let flash onto it...

      No flash, no in-built camera, no multitasking (at least pre-emptive multitasking).

      Not an Apple fanatic so I don't really care, but most people seem rather upset about these exclusions.

      flash is shit

    PSP just isn't good. Needs an extra thumbstick! I have my hopes that PSP2 will have 2 thumbsticks because if it doesn't then I won't bother. If it does then I'll check it out for sure! I like FPS, and playing an fps with one thumbstick sucks ass.

    The only thing I've really used my original PSP for is watching movies. Even then I haven't used it more than say.. 20 times in the years since it was released.

    Oh I forgot to mention, I'm not saying I like Iphones or Itouches or Ipads or Ipods, I actually really don't like any of them, at all. Would much rather a PSP than an Iphone but with only one thumbstick, I really can't play the games I would like to play on it without getting frustrated.

    I have both a PSP and an iPhone and I'm always wanting to find time for the PSP but never find any. The iPhone has to come with me everywhere as it has other uses so it gets more of my idle mobile gaming time.

    I haven't given up on the PSP yet particularly since I recently picked up a PS3 on ebay and maybe mini's are the answer. I found the full PSP titles are too engaging to play in short bursts so I need to dedicated a longer session to them and when I have the time to give them the right sized session I'm at home in front of my LCD TV and next generation consoles.

    The iPad would have the same problem in my book as I never need more than a phones power but less than a computers when I'm in transit.

    It might make a great coffee table like device but who has $500-$700 to sink in a toy that sits on the coffee table for occasional use.

    This isn't really positive thinking at all. It's sony thanking apple for making such a horrible product. It basically translates to:

    'People will buy an iPad, realise it is shit, and then buy a PSP'

    PS: From the way the two articles (Nintendo and Sony's opinions of the iPad) are written, I', guessing that Luke Plunkett is the biggest Apple fanboy of all time.

    Kinda sad to see on a blog about video games (considering most games don't run on apple hardware)

      The writer may be an Apple 'fanboy', but regardless, what is wrong with the being critical of Sony and Nintendo? If we weren't critical of their products, then there would be no pressure for them to try to be more innovative.

      Luke is more or less pointing out the hypocrisy of both Sony's and Nintendo's opinions, considering their reactions to a product that really doesn't compete with a proper gaming system

    Is everyone forgetting the that one of the primary uses for the iPad is as an ebook reader? If you take that on board and compare the iPad to other e-readers like kindle for example, the iPad offers all the functions of a reader plus so much more. These things are meant for the people who get the train/bus to work everyday and instead of carrying a paperback, apple hopes they will carry the iPad with a library of books, and when the are done reading, they also have the chance to check their e-mails, some sports scores and play a game or two.

    The iPad is not going to revolutionise anything but e-books, and really if you buy an iPad primarily for on the go gaming, you either have no idea, or really want to play portable games on the biggest screen possible.

    I'm really surprised that more people, especially gamers, can't understand what the iPad is. Its not meant to replace your phone, your PSP, your laptop or your desktop. Its just a new thing - a big cheap portable touch screen that lets you access the net, that's it.

    As for flash, the sooner its gotten rid of the better.

    I take sony's comments to mean they are up to something on the down low which they dont believe the future iterations of the ipad will trump..

    Wishful thinking I suppose.

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