Sony Puts In-Theatres Movie On PlayStation Store

Earlier this week, Sony accidentally offered Armored - a movie that's still playing in theatres - for download on the PlayStation Store. What's more, they offered it for free. Whoops.

It was all a big mistake, of course, and one that was corrected in around five hours, but during that window it was available, people grabbed it, and people are now watching it on their PS3s and PSPs. For free.

Interesting that, mistake or not, the movie had already been processed and cleared for digital download, indicating its actual, intended release may not have been that far away.

Break into the PlayStation Store, get armoured for free [Joystiq]


    Looking at the poster alone and the terrific tagline, i think Sony used their heads and offered it for free.

      Yeah, the cynic in me sees this as a touch of viral marketing perhaps...

    Wow, that's very interesting, and perhaps indicative of how Sony processes their movies for release on PSN. It's quite possible that they prepare them months in advance and this one just slipped through.
    Pretty cool that people managed to get it though.

      I don’t think they would take the chance on making these things digital copies until they have to. Remember what happened to ‘X-men Origins: Wolverine’, that movie was a giant blockbuster movie (150 million budget), and a month out from its release a copy hit the internet, and this copy wasn’t just some kid in a cinema with an iphone recording or some half finished movie rip with no musical score, un-mastered sound and no special effects ,This was the full DVD quality final product, this was actually the first time ever that a full quality movie had been leaked. Having these movies as digital copies lying around in peoples offices or on peoples computers is just asking to be stolen.

      I’ll put this one down to a simple error, it’s too bad they didn’t accidently release a movie people actually wanted to watch. I’m surprised Armoured had a theatre run, it’s got all the makings of a direct-to-DVD movie.



        i need to learn how to proofread

          Here in America, we haven't got time for U

        "this was actually the first time ever that a full quality movie had been leaked."

        lol No it wasn't. It was just the first time an uber budget movie got leaked. Having been the recipient of numerous screeners of movies due to interviews I've done in the past with actors on three different sites, I myself haven't leaked screeners, but I very well do know of at least two people who did. Also, Zombieland, had a dvd screener leaked before it hit the cinema unfortunately, it was dvd quality, finished product. Wolverine was just infamous because Fox did damage control and said 'ITS NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!' when infact it was, and it was a shameful piece of garbage movie they had on their hands...

          Explain how FINISHED PRODUCT means not all special effects intact for a big-budget blockbuster like Xmen?

            The problems folks had with XMO:W were mostly concerning plot direction, and the portrayals of two fan favorites: Gambit and Deadpool (no one really cares about Cyclops).

            In that sense, the studios crying "It's not done yet!!!" rang hollow because no amount of special effects tweaking would have fixed the criticisms. You can't polish a turd - but you can roll it in glitter.

            Easy Jay. Fox tried to put spin on the leaked DVD claiming that the effects on the leaked footage weren't finished as they were being heavily criticised. The only difference in the effects were severely minor parts. However we were still left with terrible bits such as wolverines claws popping out in the bathroom and looking like they were rendered on an NES. Cyclopses eyebeams being shot out of the badguys head at the end looking terrible etc. Then there was the runtime issue, 107 minutes. The theatrical was the exact same. Fox shot themselves in the foot when they tried to do spin on it when all they would've been better off saying was 'Yes there's a leaked copy out there, but you're doing yourself a disservice watching it on a tiny screen' instead of trying to brainwash and lie to people about it. (And yes, I saw the leaked version and I did see it in the cinema too, I didn't see any difference personally. But then I'm not one to ask as I personally thought both versions were steaming piles of excrement...)

          I think you’re taking my comment a little out of context, obviously it’s not the first time a movie has ever been leaked online before it came out, but what I was referring to is the fact that this movie wasn’t leaked by some movie critic that uploaded it online or by some guy that somehow managed to get a hold of the movie the week before it hit cinemas. Someone flat out stole the digital version and put it on the internet. If you think about it, that leaked version probably cost the movie about 20 million in ticket sales. If Sony actually have digital versions of their movies just out of reach of people (while they are still in theatres no less) they are just asking for someone to leak all these movies early.

          Just imagine if Sony had accidently leaked a free version of the next Spiderman film online before it was out or while it was still in cinemas. Within the hour every torrent site on the internet would be having a field day with it.

            No no, I understand, just saying that yeah it's the first time it happened for a megabucks movie, but it's happened many times for smaller movies that's all. It just got all up in the media due to the budget of the movie and Foxes flat out denial that the leaked version and the cinema version were essentially the same that's all.

              I’ve never actually seen the movie myself, so I can’t say if its good or bad, But I’m guessing Fox would have wanted more than about 350 million in sales. Considering the movie also had probably 50 mil in marketing behind it.

                You didn't miss anything. It retconned a hell of a lot, including Sabretooth in his entirety. It made a joke of Wolverine, and all the Xmen had 'conveniently' all met wolverine without knowing it as kids, including Cyclops who wasn't able to open his eyes at the time lol.

    sony playstation rocks!!!

    Grats to anyone who snapped this up. Speaking from a 360 user's point, the Zune movie Marketplace actually hasn't been too bad. I use an unlimited internet from Telstra which does get slow at times (I suspect it has a hidden cap or something) and even then the Movies streamed almost seamlessly. The rentals aren't too bad price-wise, 240 MS points may seem steep, but I reckon it's still a good price.

    I wish a bug would happen with Shaun of the Dead. I've got a DVD of it, but it's got errors and it's old so not the best quality anymore. Good point Andrew, I thought Armoured had a theatre showing, it, like Bangkok Dangerous had all the features indicative of a direct-to-dvd movie.

      I agree on the dtdvd quality of the movie. Call me when they get an excellent quality movie of note. It doesn't have to be giant budget, it just has to be of giant standard.

      LOL idiot telstra doesn't have any plans that dont have a cap all have a cap unlimited means that if you go over your download limit you wont get charged extra it will just slow down i cant believe you never checked that out when you signed up u idiot

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