Space Invaders, By Camel-Taito


    ...I'd rather not see some 'cool indie kid' wearing this pretending that they're in love with love Space Invaders and that gives them automatic 'geek' (read: individual) cred. It's like emos wearing Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt...

    Awesome headline BTW!

    I agree, i don't want some stupid indie idiot pretending to love the game and getting recognition for it. It's sort of insulting to the rest of us.

    Oh and hectic title, i see what you did there.

    Space I'd like to invade .m uahah ahah ah ah !!

    Tights are NOT pants, despite all the hipsters who think otherwise.

    space invaders indie? nightmare before christmas emo?!??!?!?

    Thats two things right there that make no sense.

    Anayways, i c wut u did tere... cameltaito eh

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