Spec Ops: The Line Screens Don't Paint A Pretty Picture

Call me a pessimist, but post-apocalyptic Dubai doesn't look like the sort of place you'd want to holiday in. And look! They've even hung the flag wrong.

All things considered I'd probably not want to visit pre-apocalyptic Dubai, but if I dwell on that I'll start adding pre-apocalyptic in front of every place name for two weeks, and that doesn't fly here at pre-apocalyptic Kotaku.



    The upside down flag represents an over-run castle, unless you were being sarcastic.

      I think they are being sarcastic, however i always thought that an upside down flag signalled 'distress' not necessarily an overrun castle.

    It looks generic, and the screens are almost certainly touched up... but I think I'll give it a chance.

      Any screens this early are almost always bullshot.

    This pre-apocalyptic fps guy likes the idea

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