Speed-Skating Glitch Plagues Modern Warfare 2

So, we've had the Javelin glitch - a bad enough exploit to get people banned for using it. Now Modern Warfare 2 players report they're seeing sped-up players and iced-over surface physics.

One tipster wrote to say he was in a hardcore team deathmatch on Saturday and:

"When I entered the game the glitching was really noticeably. Everyone's run speed was jacked way up and you'd slide/float across the ground like you were on ice rather than solid ground. I've talked to other players and its happened to them in separate games as well."

You can see for yourself in that video above. The player tries to demonstrate the ice-slide aspect of this at about 0:45.

There's tons of chatter out there about this, but so far I've only seen it affecting Xbox 360 versions of the game. If you've seen it crop up on other platforms, let us all know in the comments (with a link if you got one.) I've emailed Robert Bowling to see if Infinity Ward has any comment on this. He hasn't tweeted anything since Friday but I'm sure the studio already knows about the problem.

[hat-tip to Enigma Nemesis for the video above.]


    not sure if its mentioned about the unlimited ammo/no reload glitch?

    had this pop up a few times, you can just shoot endlessly, with all weapons.

    happened to me on the highrise level, everyone was shooting nade launchers all over the place.

    also another glitch is the care package sprint cheat which they havent fixed and are aware of.

    also there is a glitch where if you do groundwar sometimes itll throw you into a random scenario match instead of the team deathmatch or domination.

    e.g. i ended up on an 18 player hardcore free for all on rust.

    hardcore free for all doesnt even exist does it?

      The unlimited ammo and public/private match glitches were fixed last update. The care package thing is technically legit (they're not modifying anything, it's a combination of the care package extra speed plus marathon and lightweight) but goddamn is it irritating to be stabbed 4 times in a row by the same speed demon.

        Yeah I don't think it's a glitch either because you are handicapped by having no gun.

    Played about 4 games on the weekend where I encountered this glitch on the 360, in both Ground War and TDM. The result is initially hilarious but mostly obscenely frustrating. It turns into random shotgun fights at people moving 150kmph. I just want a normal game!

    And some damn local MM searching plz.

    and we still dont have a matchmaking fix. thanks IW

    As an update, this popped up on Bowling's Twitter about an hour ago:

    'Another #MW2 playlist update to prevent the spread of the "ice skating" / speed hack. Will prevent matchmaking into modded games.'

    Asked him about local MM. Not holding my breath.

    wow are people still playing this crap

      I'm as surprised as you are.

    its been around for a week or so i think? latest i saw was chopper gunner ammo in guns which got patched mid last week,and its only on the 360 since modders can upload code straight to the console

    I agree with Fred - how many people are playing this daily. But i wouldn't call it crap.

    I never got into online for it, perhaps it was released at the wrong time. Clearly other games didn't affect its sales, but for me, MW2 was released at the wrong time cause i was more interested in a few others.

    Then after playing it, i enjoyed COD4 a little more. So does anyone know numbers of what each game is roughly getting daily? IS COD4 a Ghost Town?

      As of right now (Monday 11-jan 10:25pm AU) MW2 has 56,549 players online.

    Possibly the biggest discrepancy between hype and delivery for a multiplayer game, ever.

    The single player all-comers world record is still Daikatana, of course.

    I was playing a few days ago when I got this glitch and I was playing with 2 guys from Infinity Ward so I'm sure there on it.

    After 3 consecutive days trying to get a game on MW2 and being unable to...I decided to return to my old haunt..COD4 :)

    Yeah, there is also the glitch where matchmaking is absolutely horrible for people in Australia which has been fixed on the PS3 but not the 360.

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