Splinter Cell: Conviction And The Split-Screen Co-Operative Mode

Splinter Cell: Conviction And The Split-Screen Co-Operative Mode

We like this, Ubisoft. Instead of putting together a boring press release, or another unbearable developer diary, the latest Splinter Cell: Conviction reveal came in the form of a screenshot and an excited little note.

“coop mode split screen confirmed!”, it reads, with the screenshot showing, well, the fact the game has split-screen co-operative play.

Remember that? Split-screen co-op? It’s how people used to team up in the days before the internet, and technology or not, is still the best way to play side-by-side with a friend. Nice to know the game will include it.

I only say this because I had a friend stay over during the Christmas break, and when he got here, we went to the shops to buy a good co-op game. We’d already played both Gears games and all three Halo titles, meaning we were stuck with… well, we got Army of Two. Which was returned within the week.


  • This is EXCELLENT news! A lot of games lately have been putting in split screen mode, and its fantastic. My son and I play a lot of games together and we’ll be getting this because of this news!

  • There aren’t enough games nowadays with split-screen co-op capabilities. It’s quite upsetting really. My brother and I love to play ‘couch co-op’ together, so when we discover that we can’t play it in a multiplayer capable game, it gets frustrating.

    Like in the article, once you’ve exhausted all of the Halo titles and the Gears titles, there isn’t much in the way of couch co-op on the Xbox. Borderlands was awesome with co-op though.

  • I’m not a big fan of vertical split-screen. Mainly cause i have a large TV for my size room and should be used for horizontal

    Then again with widescreen, it doesn’t look that great when horizontal unless they can cut the sides off a little.

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