Star Trek Online Beta Ends With A Klingon Invasion

With the game's launch just around the corner, the Star Trek Online beta test ends today as many things have before it - with a large-scale invasion by the Klingons.

The Star Trek Online beta test is going out on a high note, as massive Klingon fleet masses near Qo'noS, preparing to enter Federation space. Beta participants are urged to man their vessels and prepare for a large-scale battle, kicking off at 2pm Pacific time (9am AEDT).

I'm patching like a madman, but my internet is giving me troubles today, so while I hope to make an appearance in the brilliantly exploding USS Kotaku, perhaps discretion is the better part of valour.

After the event the beta test servers will shut down, with early start beginning at 10am Pacific on Friday (5am AEDT, January 30).

End Of Beta Event [Star Trek Online - Thanks Liam!]


    I was there from start to finish. I'll paste from an email I said to my friend.

    I came into work late today so I could take part in the open beta finale. It was tres fun. I started off with my gorn and we waited impatiently until a GM messaged us saying to meet up at the fleet action in klingon space, which warped us to federation space. All missions were disabled and all maps (save sector space) became open for PvP. It was an absolute slaughterhouse at the feddie bases because they were spawn camping like crazy, but at other planets it was fun.

    After like an hour I started heading to DS9 and then noticed my chat window suddenly lit up with "BORG!" "BORG ATTACK" "AAAAAAAAH BORG" and a Sphere swept in and sucked me up into a deep space encounter, klingons vs feds vs borg (with all the borg being at max level). Unfortunately PvP was still on so klingons got pretty much owned because of autotargeting so I switched to fed. I spent the next 3 hours jumping between battles vs borg cubes (and dev controlled "USS Borg Sphere" ships that took like 20 people to bring down), and spacedock which had unlimited borg spawning in the corridors. Everybody retreated to the Admiral's Office where we let off our fire extinguishers and danced on Sulu's desk for the the last few minutes. Good stuff.

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