Steam Account Sells For $1,000 On EBay

Here's a story amusing not so much for the games that were sold or their price, but the fact the seller managed to, essentially, resell used Steam games. Like 139 of them, for $US1,000. (With free shipping, too!)

Seller dave311freak estimated his collection's value at $US2,700 and said he wanted at least $US500 for the collection - which includes Grand Theft Auto IV, Modern Warfare 1 and 2, and Borderlands. He ended up getting double that.

"This account has absolutely no bans on any of the games, is in good standing with VAC, and any one of the games can be downloaded at any time on any computer with Steam on it," the seller wrote. "I will change all of the information in that account to the winner's email address and issue a password to the winner that he or she can change once they log in. I will also provide user account information for games that require additional credentials (Dragon Age for the DLC, Company of Heroes Account info, etc...)."

Why is dave311freak ditching his PC collection? "As you can probably tell, I spend way too much time buying and playing video games and I am going to try to spend more time with my family and doing other hobbies," he writes. I bet he comes crawling back in two weeks, but good luck anyway.

Steam Account with 139 Games Worth Over $US2,700!!! NR!!! [eBay via Destructoid]


    Except this is completely illegal and against steams terms and conditions and if they figure out the account they will ban it immediately. Hopefully not for the purchasers case....

      Saying it's illegal implies that he has broken some US law (has he? cite one if you dare). Yes, he can't complain if his account gets disabled, but that's a very different matter.

        Ever heard of an acton for breach of contract? Nice work genius.

    That is my only problem with steam

    if you dont like a game anymore, you can give it to a friend, if you dont like a game anymore on steam, it sits there collecting virtual dust ;)

      "you can give it to a friend"

      As far as game companies are concerned, if you do that you're the scum of the earth! You don't 'own' your games, you have a single user license to play them and anybody else, and I mean anybody who wants to play it, must buy it or rent it from an approved original distributor.

        Good logic, but how would you explain sharing a copy of a game among people in the same household? ie. Family and roommates?

        this is why snacuum has no friends.

        ...doesn't change the fact that you CAN give it to a friend. Man the world is a ... sad place. It's wrong to give your mate your old copy of a game that you don't play anymore. I mean yes, I see where the companies are coming from (in so much as this means less profits for something they are rightfully entitled to) but jeez, it's so sad that everything these days is about profits and so on. I wish for more innocent times. INB4, relax, I see the need for these laws and focus on profits etc. Doesn't mean I like them any better.

        He said "As far as game companies are concerned", all of you failed at comprehanding his sarcasm.

      you can allwase let your friend no your steam detales and they can play what they like. and the fact u can get good games for as low as $3us and most u needent pay over $40 makes it the only way to buy games in aus without getting hit $80au for something that u can get for at the most $50us.

        not trolling but 'allwase' made me lol

      His point is valid. Not illegal. Yes, he has breached the user contract, but that's not a law.

        Except breach of contract is breaking the law ??? No?? Is in Aus...

          EULA (End User License Agreement) is not, in legally binding terms, a contract.

          It is an agreement. Both parties will behave in a certain manner. You behave they way they ask you, they provide an environment in which to play games. That is all. It is not a contract. There is no signature.

    I've got 151 games in my list :/
    Spent almost $300 in the last bunch of sales.

      Thats a nice list u have there :P Lot of indi packs u brought i see :)

      My lists is about the same after that insane sale tyhey had over the hols... Spent about 250 and worked it out each game i brought costs me 2.50 AUD :) and i brought all the C&C games, Bioshock and alot more :)

      I LOVE U STEAM!!!

    Looking at the games he has it prob spent no mroe than 500 on this account over christmas odds are :)so a nice $500 profit

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