Street Fighter Was Officially The Worst Movie Of 2009

There were plenty of terrible movies in 2009, but only one can be the terriblest. And, according to popular movie review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, that honour goes to Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Yes, the Capcom/Kristin Kreuk disaster beat out other hopefuls like Old Dogs and Dragonball to claim the prize as the "moldiest" (ie worst) movie of 2009, awarded on the basis it had the worst aggregate review score of the year.

"The combination of a shallow plot and miscast performers renders Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li a perfectly forgettable video game adaptation", the site's tag reads, which is the nicest way of saying it was a piece of shit we've ever seen! Indeed, the film's only salvation was that it was such a piece of shit that until we were reminded of its presence with this award, we'd forgotten all about it.

For the record, and so we can get out of here on a positive note, the best movies of 2009 according to the site's reviews were Up and Star Trek.

11th Annual Golden Tomato Awards [Rotten Tomatoes]


    I didnt see Dragonball (for obvious reasons), but Transformers 2 was pretty damn terrible...

      ...oh yeah, and isnt the same guy who wrote the Street Fighter movie in charge of the Shadow of the Colossus movie? T_T

      oh yeah, T2 sucked. Damn you Bay, damn you to hell!!!!!

      Funny, I can't remember what was terrible about it...

    I'm pretty sure Dragon ball is worse.

    My favourite movie of the year was ‘Moon’. It’s this low budget sci-fi movie that went through cinemas in the US totally unnoticed. I got the DVD from Amazon some time ago and it’s awesome, glad to see it got the second best movie of 2009 overall. I hear the hurt locker is also great, and apparently it’s going to get best picture and director Oscars this year.

      I like the bit about him being a clone.

      Wow, literally just watched The Hurt Locker less than 5 minutes ago. It was quite incredible :)

      Pff, 500 Days of Summer was totally the best movie of the year. Best rom-com ever!

    "...the site’s tag reads, which is the nicest way of saying it was a piece of shit we’ve ever seen!"

    That sentence is 'a piece of shit' ive seen too!

    Metacritic gave this, and Old Dogs, a pretty low score. I think these two can be said to be the worst of the big budget 2009 films (Not that SF:tLoCL was big budget)

    haha, nice game tho, look at the costume

    That will teach them to "white" up a Japanese franchise.

    actually, no.. It won't teach them anything.

    yeah it was a pretty horrible. at least the van damme movie knew it was dodgy and it was a little tongue in cheek. TLoCL took itself too seriously. horrible story. missing major characters. bison magically being irish and having an irish accent even tho he left ireland when he was 1. horrible fights. the only saving grace was how hot moon bloodgood looked.

    YESSSSSS! I was hoping that movie got what's coming to it! Dragonball too.

    They should really make a bigger deal out of awards like these and name the Directors. This oughta make sure no idiots try to make half-assed movies to capitalise on another brand's popularity.

    And please, don't dignify this movie by comparing it to Transformers. As bad as T2 was, there is absolutely no contest here.

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