Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition S Hands-on

A new year, a new Street Fighter and a new update to Mad Catz's tournament edition fight stick. We went hands-on with the newer, slimmer Super Street Fighter IV branded model at CES. Is it worth the upgrade?

Like our hands-on time with the original Street Fighter IV licensed sticks, the controller impressed mostly for its authentic Sanwa arcade parts and solid construction. Not much has changed here in that regard.

What has changed is the footprint, as the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition "S" gets its "S" for its slimmer body. That doesn't have any real impact on the way the stick plays, but it makes for a better looking chassis.

One new tweak to the Tournament Edition "S" is the button input locking mechanism. The toggle switch that made the PlayStation 3 "home" button and Xbox 360 "guide" button inactive now inactivates the start and select buttons on the back of the stick's base.

The other new addition? New Super Street Fighter IV graphics. So there's that.

The newest Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition plays just as well and features the same solid construction as the original, easy to recommend if you're looking for a new arcade accurate control option. The only nitpick I had was the sharp edge on the top plate, which sits about a millimeter or two higher at the seam, rubbing against my delicate, baby soft wrists. Non-wimps probably won't notice, but fragile flowers like me might.

The Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition "S" is due to hit North America whenever Super Street Fighter IV does at a $US149.99 USD price.


    I am SOLD. Loved the original TE but this looks much better. Yes I'm a sucker and would pay for a facelift.

    It looks good, but still I wont be getting one until they release a version with:

    1. xbox coloured face buttons.

    2. no cord.

    3. no sharp edges.

    These would make it the ultimate and very neccessary to have stick I have been waiting for.

    Come on guys -it cant be THAT hard to et right?

    I am willing to pay serious money for two of the damn things when u get it right.

    PS: What happened to the Marvel V Capcom version -I miss it?

      MvC2 stick was released, but maybe not in AU.

      1. You can easily swap the buttons for your favourite colours. They kept them all grey because it goes with the chassis. Also, the exact colours for the 360 buttons aren't available from Sanwa, only set colours are.

      2. This causes many problems in tournament conditions when controllers are incorrectly synced with consoles. Players play a game then leave, but their controller is still synced and occaisionally pauses/interrupts another game. Cords a must for the serious fighting gamer.

      Also, cords avoid any potential lag that could be caused from a wireless signal. Its also easier to use the controller on a PC this way.

      3. This one I will give you :). Although it doesn't worry me too much, I think less sharp edges are better of course. I think you can still make your own plexi plates to replace the standard one (which you would have to do anyway to replace the graphic, assuming this is done like the previous model).

        Does anyone know where I can actually buy the Super Street Fighter 4 fightstick in Australia? I see that JB Hifi have the original SF4 fightstick, but not the SSF4 one. Anyone have any ideas?

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