Supreme Commander 2 Gets A Proper Trailer

Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2 finally gets itself a proper trailer, with lovely CGI and bombastic music appropriate for a real-time strategy game of its stature.

For a while there the only video we had of Supreme Commander 2 was the one that came out with the North American release date announcement, which featured nothing but actual gameplay and Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor talking over it. Well enough of that. Gameplay is nice in a trailer, but without some high-quality CGI and symphonic music, how are we supposed to tell if a game is epic or not?

Supreme Commander 2 is barrelling towards a March release for the PC and Xbox 360.


    Very nice, but I think it will take alot of effort to get people playing RTS games on a console.

    what? this trailer is very very very old, it came out way before the e3 video

    I'm pretty sure the single-player plot is going to suck, I hated it from the moment I heard Chris talking about it (what the hell was he thinking), and this trailer is no better - the 3 protagonists look like CHILDREN and completely unprepared for any kind of war, let alone with giant machines. Sigh ....

    So is this actually going to be playable on pc this time?

    I had to upgrade my machine to a Quad 6600 last time, Be F'd i'f i'm upgrading to an I7.

      What? I used to play this at full settings, two monitors with an 8600GT and a 2.4ghz Core2Duo. Max units on screen and pretty much no lag. On the other 8800GT 2.8ghz-dual machine I have it has never lagged.

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