Take A Look At How Project Natal Actually Works

You've got questions about Project Natal, we've got questions about Project Natal. And, for once, Microsoft have some answers, providing this behind-the-scenes look at the development and technology behind their upcoming motion-sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360.

Sure, most of it is fluff, but you'll catch glimpses of how the camera is able to "read" a three-dimensional space and follow your movements accordingly.


    Or see how it doesn't work


    The only thing that worries me is that all I’ve seen so far tells me that the natal isn’t so great at capturing your movement. All the demos they have shown have been pretty simplistic, block a ball, paint the wall. They even showed Natal controlling Burnout, but really?, burnout is a racing game just how hard could it be to move left or right. Even Milo was more about voice than movement. I’m worried that this will fall apart as soon as you need to start doing complex things. But I’ll wait and see.

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