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    Is anyone putting off buying a current gen plasma or lcd, with intention of buying something with 3D capabilities?

      I'm still not sold on 3D yet - all be it limited exposure. I've seen 'Up' in 3D at the cinema and also saw Avatar (the Game) in 3D at the Melbourne Digital Entertainment and Games Expo late last year.

      This might all change once I see Avatar (the Movie) later this week but for now I'm happy with High-Def in the home.

      NOPE! :D
      just got me a 42" plasma a few weeks ago and i'm in love with it.

      Not any point in buying something with 3d until the prices get reasonable...

      I just finished reading Eurogamers Digital Foundry, who have a write up on this tech being displayed at CES. It sounds interesting but maybe next generation.

      You know my position on this one: Until we see practical implementations of the 3D tech beyond "omg it's reaching for me" moments in movies, then I'm chalking it up to the gimmick column. Still the XB360 dashboard in 3D being controlled by Natal would be rather nifty to see, with the icons scrolling in & out of the background etc.

      Nah. I was going to put off a telly til OLED started hitting the market, but I'm getting impatient and my CRT is starting to die (going green in the corners, RGB input getting finicky).

      Been looking at LCDs the last couple of months, I'm currently hanging out for a price drop on the LED backlit Samsung Series 6 - 32 inch. Anyone know some good places around Melbourne to check for deals/good service? Or indeed some good LCD suggestions full stop.

        A CRT? Yeah definitely go for an upgrade ASAP. An 80cm LCD wouldn't set you back that much these days and if you go to a place like The Good Guys you can usually get a pretty decent deal. My family has a mix of Toshiba, Sharp & Panasonic LCDs and they're all pretty damned awesome and your eyes will love you for getting one (mine sure did)

        It'll be ages before OLED will be affordable anyway

      my HDTV's only 3 or 4 years old. no way i'm replacing for 3D anytime soon.

        If your HDTV is 'only' 3/4 years old, then its probably NOT full HD, is it? 1080p?

          I got my Bravia X series about 3 years ago.

          40" 1080P, though it was "cutting edge" at the time..

          Still goes like a champ, however the new panels are really making it look crummy :(

      I will be looking at a new TV at some stage this year. I haven't really been swayed by the prospect of the 3D because I am still a little unsure of how often it will be used.

      All I know is that I will be going LED for my next one, great picture and even better energy rating!

      Not this stupid shutter 3D again.

      3D doesn't seem like a good idea in the home to me. Maybe when 3d comes out, I will pick up a cheap LCD TV.

        i feel that 3d sucks balls, gave me headaches, hate wearing glasses and it looked like crap.

        The only 3d film i have seen is avatar, and i hated the 3d effects, felt they ruined parts of it. It sucks balls.

    For those who don't yet know, you can pick up crayon physics deluxe over at there website and you get to name the price you pick it up for

    please keep in mind that when purchasing for under 30c, the devs get nothing...

    But don't be tight and actually pay something half decent for it, even if it's only a couple of dollars.

    This offer is going till jan 15th as well =)

    A great lil game as far as i'm concerned and well worth the grab

      I'm sure you mean anything under 30 cents actually costs them money as they have to pay the transaction fee themselves.

    Does anyone have any advice for the purchase of a psp 3000. I have a 17 hour flight coming up and thought it would be a good investment.

    I don't really want a ds as i find nintendo games a bit boring and cute.

      I was on a flight recently that had powered USB ports as part of their inflight entertainment system (for their headphones but my iPod charged fine off it). I'd definitely take a USB charger or a spare battery - I was never very happy with the battery life of my PSP.

    Anyone playing the MAG beta? Thoughts?

      I'm pretty crap at FPS multiplayer, but I was quite impressed with the scale of MAG. Other than that, just another FPS mulitplayer I think.

      I like it.

      I'm crap at it, but I like it. The whole progressive unlock thing (with levels, maps etc) is a nice addition too.

    So Nintendo created the monster that is the Wii. Are they starting to lose control?

    Looks like Yahtzee and friends are opening a Video game themed bar in Australia soon

        I would totally go there... If I was in Brisbane.

    I started watching Terminator 3 last night on Channel 9 and noticed that when Kristanna Loken (T-X) walked across the road naked at the beginning you could see boob (albiet no nipple). This is not in my 2 Disc (Region 4) DVD!

    Obviously the original DVD release was a cut copy of the movie (probably theatricial copy) however I cannot find reference to it on the net. Is there a local (AU) uncut copy available? Does anyone know?

      I hate watching violent flicks on free to air. Scenes are removed for being too inappropriate. I would have thought the AV rating is warning enough..
      Why do you want to go off and buy a new DVD that includes that 1 scene? There's a plentiful array of porn, online, for free!

        Not so much the boob... it just annoys me that so much stuff is censored in AU and noticed that the DVD has obviously been chopped. I tried to look it up on the "Chopping List" ( and noticed that there was no mention of it, that's all...

    So has anyone read on giz about this new gaming bar thats opening in Brisbane?
    Better not be a sausage fest!

      Looks like I was beaten to the punch! I swear when I wrote this comment there were only 3 other comments..

        Since I doubt Brisbane aren't getting two gaming bars, I suspect it is the one that Yug from is involved in. He has been preaching high and low to anyone that will listen about their plans (4 of them) for the gaming themed bar.

        I thought it was a great idea, but no good to me since it is in Brisbane.

    Does anyone agree that kotaku needs a more... permanent message board? It's kind of hard to keep track of these comments.

      I was thinking that as well. For those of us that use our Facebook accounts to type on here, I certainly wouldn't mind a notification when someone posts or replies on a thread that you've commented on. Any chance of that happening, David? has a better way of handling messages with accounts and notifications if someone replies to you.

      I think a permanent account system like that for the au site would be great :D

    Anyone wondering what the next entertainment medium will be?

    I had a thought, so, there was music and literature and plays in the olden days, people must have thought all the different ways of giving entertainment had been made, then came along photography and movies and no-one could've guessed that games would come along

    So i was just wondering, what could be the next form of entertainment. Obviously to us we think that there won't be anything new and games will be the last medium made, its hard to think there will be something new, something which doesnt fit into movies, literature or games, and will be something new, but it'd also be narrow minded to think there possibly couldn't be another.

    Sorry for this basicly useless post :D Just something to think about i guess

    Also, where do you reckon games will be in the next 10 or 20 years. I reckon we'll have a box or something and there'll be no consoles and you just download the games you want from different publishers

    Just the other day I was wondering what Ken Levine and co. were up to, and as if in response, I read that 2K Boston are again known as Irrational, and they have a web site! With a countdown! No ones done that before! Well, Ken Levine's never done that before:

    Check it!

    6hrs to go!

    Street Day Smash!

    For those keen, Army of Two: 40th Day has snuck out a day early. Check your local JB or EB for the goods!

      Oops.. forgot to quote the source: (as usual).

    God of War 3 passed!OpenDocument

    That's great news!

    Although... Do we know if the "original" submission had been pre-edited prior to review? Anyone?

    Saw the new laws to be introduced in SA regarding R18+ DVD\Blu-Ray vendors:

    Does anyone think this could be applied to games as a possible compromise for the introduction of an R18+ classification?

    So went live. Turns out it's a fairly full featured community site, with a big focus on the development process. They even have a regular podcast!

    No new game announcement yet, but it has been promised to be announced this year. I'll be keeping a close eye on this for sure.

    yo i'm weighing in on the massive TV debate, i got a full HD Hisense LCD about 18 months ago for about $1500 and its so awesome i can't even believe it. 3 year warranty, i love it. awesome. only thing is the speakers are shit but i hook it up to the stereo of course so thats fine. go for LCD, plasma's are prone to burn in and generally sheeet in my opinion. i tell you what though, think twice if you live in a share house like me because other housemates will suddenly want to watch tv a lot more and cut into my xbox time. bastards

      I believe I have the same telly- has been fantastic, but is starting to play up- will be calling in that 3yr warranty very soon methinks. If only we can put MW2 down long enough to call Hisense...

    how do i mail kotaku if i see some gaming news/ something i think is post-worthy?

        thanks, but i just realised the thing i was gonna send you has already been posted before

        You guys are good

        Keep it up :P

    EB have a poll on their front page about an R18 rating asking “do you support an R 18+ classification for videogames” so far 85% are for it.

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