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    Remember this going away this week? Or lots of other things to post getting in the road?

    I picked up a PS3 on ebay with 5 games:

    Uncharted: Drake's Fourtune
    Killzone 2
    Skate 2
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Little BIG Planet (Japanese Version)

    Which games are worth playing and which should I trade in or re-sell?

      I think they are all worth playing mate. Probably the best 5 games available on the PS3 haha

      Yeah I agree with Tonez there. Those are darned good games you got there.

        I agree. I haven't played Skate 2 or Killzone 2 but Uncharted, Batman AA and LBP are all fantastic games.

    Assassins Creed 2 or Mass Effect 2 - Which should I purchase this week?
    Both have reviewed well and I'm looking for a solid single player experience in between sessions of Borderlands and Forza3... I will eventually get both but there are only enough hours in day to commit to one or the other in the short term...Thoughts?

      If you're going to get both in the end then I'd get Assassins Creed 2 as it has been out longer and you should get it for a better price. Then once done with it Mass Effect 2 should have a cheaper price point.

    Kotaku is not taking part in the week long internet blackout? More info at


        Ah well then, might check some other Australian sites to see if anyone is running it.

        How are your planning to spend Australia Day? Hopefully not stuck in at Kotaku HQ working!

          Mass Effect 1&2 marathon?

            Nice, my mate is replaying through the original again in anticipation of the sequel. Did you find a work-around for importing your ME1 character?

            I just picked up Mass Effect 1 for PC over the weekend, so will try and get a bit of game time in with that through the week.

              Yeah, it's called "waiting for the retail copy"...

                Out of curiosity, on average how many pre-release games that you end up reviewing pre-retail but pick up after retail have compatible save data?

                Or will you typically just start from scratch on a home console or PC?

      Changing your display pictures sounds....highly ineffective at best

    Where was today's Remember This section? :(

      Remember This will be back tomorrow morning at the usual time.

        Back tomorrow, or back Wednesday? Hope your being paid overtime to work on Australia Day!

          Tomorrow will be lighter on content than usual. But Remember This will be there!

    after playing Uncharted 2 I wanna play Uncharted too.

    but before that M.A.G. M.A.G. M.A.G.!

    In my opinion the only games worth playing in the not too distant future... although with blizzards luxurious dev cycle it could be much longer than anticipated is Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 (no not that bad company bullshit) and gran turismo 5 (but from what media I've seen so far I'm not overly impressed with PD's next installment) other than that... possibly God of War 3 but I reckon that will be like most games these days that when you "finish" it you won't bother with it again.

    could possibly be the year of the "trilogy's" cept for Diablo3 prolly won't see that puppy on store shelves until mid to lat 2011

    GTA IV DLC to come to PS3 in 2010??

    I know I've raised this before (and been shot down my Mr Goose ;) ), but I'm hopeful... :)

      It would be good... I believe it will still happen...

      Perhaps it will be Red Dead Redemption Exclusive PS3 content... or The Agent gets released this year...

    Played Mass Effect 1 on a friends' computer recently.
    Realised what I've been missing.
    Can't even blame Kotaku for not informing me of such a great game.
    Getting a high-end computer built soon coz my current one's crap, looking forward to buying then playing ME1 then eventually ME2.
    Anyone know: where the cheapest place to get ME1 is?
    Anyone reckon: they'll release ME1 and ME2 in some kind of "Battle Chest"-esque pack?

      Would have been cheapest to get ME1 on sale for $5 during steams holiday sale but that is 3 weeks too late:P

      Umm i think the $19.99 they are asking on steam is a good deal for ME1 unless you are buying used off ebay.

      Also in regards to your "battle-chest" collection pack... I wouldn't expect one until ME3 comes out the trilogy is complete.

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