Target To Offer $99 "Video Game Setup" Service

We've been told by helpful sources that Target will in the US later this month begin offering you the chance to allow somebody else to install your brand new console for you. All for the low, low price of $US99!

No joke now; they'll come to your house, plug it in, set up some accounts and any relevant online stuff, then leave with your $99. Which, in some cases (Wii, Xbox 360 Arcade), is 50% of the price you paid for the console.

If only this service had been around in 2006, whereby I could have saved myself a good three minutes of work plugging my console first into the power socket, then - ever so carefully - into the television. Ah, such hassles!

Part of the price comes from the fact it's a third party actually performing the service - Zip Installation - but Target are the front, so it's Target we'll focus our laughter on.


    I'll do it for half that

    I think this is similar to what Best Buy were offering close to when the PS3 Slim released.

    The sad thing is, some people actually pay for this service ;_;

    ...are easily parted.

    The value of this service is quickly nulled by four simple letters: R T F M.

    So what does this ad actually tell us?

    a) Retailers in the US are brutally greedy and money minded

    b) Consumers in the US are so dumb that they can't find socket ports...or the power button.


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