Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: A New Challenger!

Capcom unveiled a brand new character for their Wii 2D fighter Tatsunoko vs Capcom yesterday. Sadly, that character is somebody only 2% of you will have ever heard of.

It's Ai-chan from Yatterman, otherwise known as Yatterman 2, who joins her partner Yatterman in the game to fight some crime and, where no crime is being committed, kick some arse.

For anyone under the age of 35, Yatterman is an old animation series from Japan that ran in the late '70s, though some of you may also be familiar with the more recent remake.

Watch the clip below (get to around 8:30) and you'll see she enjoys throwing things. Lots of things.

On The Spot [GameSpot]


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