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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what's your gaming New Year's resolution?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

What is your gaming-related New Year's resolution?

Me? Two things spring to mind. One, finish more games. I have a terrible habit of playing a game for an hour or two, then moving on to a new game for another hour or two, and never going back. That must change. Two, push myself to learn a new genre. I think we often get a little narrow-minded in our gaming choices. I know I tend to steer clear of certain genres - fighting games, real-time strategy games, MMOs, for example - because I don't really understand them. But this year I want to take the time to figure at least one of those genres out.


    I'm exactly the same as you David. I don't really get those games (with the exception of Starcraft, but I haven't played that in ages). However, that's not my resolution this year. Maybe 2011.

    Mine is to be more selective with games --> buy fewer games --> get more value out of those I do buy.

    And also to do more gaming with my wife. She's starting to get competitive at Mario Kart, and I think we might even branch out beyond the Wii games this year into the XBox 360 that, until now, I have been solo with.

    Play Psychonauts. I feel I've missed out on something huge..

      That's a big thing on my to-do list too. Time to stop putting it off and see what we've been missing.

      You won't regret it.

      Best game ever.

    At least you have an excuse for moving on to another game, you are in the industry...

    Mine is the same essentially... finish more games than I buy... not looking good though, considering that I'll be picking up Bayonetta today (maybe Darksiders also)...

    I'm with you David, last game I finished was Fallout 3, and before that, Braid.

    I find life kicks in, lose time for games, then find it hard to go back to the game I was playing. Kind of like when you get a few chapters in to a book, put it down for too long, and can't get back into the story.

      Fallout 3 was the drug I used to break my WoW habit, bless it's nuclear encrusted heart. Reminds me, I must go back and finish Fallen Steel off too!

        Hah! and whats going to break it this time round?

          Account is still lapsed!

    I guess they can be construed as new year gaming resolutions. I'd like to finish the following games:
    BioShock (X360)
    Shadow Complex (X360)
    Fable 2: GOTY Ed (X360)
    Torchlight (PC)

    I also want to get a PS3 for some of the exclusives (thank-you xmas and b'day cash)

    Finally I want to pick up a title near release that isn't complete AAA material and provide a user review.

    My resolution is to play all of the games picked up during the Steam holiday sale to completion. This includes (but not limited to): The Witcher, Ghostbusters, GTAIV & Prince of Persia Sands of Time (Which I've already finished way back might I add). Also need to play more Multiplayer games that aren't MMOs (TF2 & L4D I'm looking at you).

    Also resolve to use my 360 & Wii more.

    Finish games before I buy new ones. Playing lotsa games at onces leads to unfinished ones sitting there for too long (I'm looking at YOU, MGSIV :().

    They're both good,

    I've avoided the rock band/guitar hero/sing-star style games like the plauge... so maybe I'll try one of those.

      Start with something like guitar hero if you want to dive into that... starting with singstar will only leave you in tears with an earache and a sore throat (a combination of bad music and bad singing).

    Complete all my unfinished games before I purchase any more. This would be fine, except the list of unfinished games is 28 titles long.

    By the time I'm even half-way done, Mass Effect 2 will be in the bargain-bin of my local EB.

      Same as me, but every time you start to go through the backlog of games a triple A title that's been hyped pops up, and you can't resist. There just hasn't been a real drought of good games for me to warrant going back and finishing them.

      Only 28?

      Man i wish my list was that short.... lol

        Yeah, same. I just did a quick count and I've got around 58 games I haven't finished, some I haven't even started. That's not even including downloaded games from Live Arcade, PSN, Steam and PS1 games (yes, I still have PS1 games that I haven't finished). I did have more but I recently got rid of my XBox, PS2 and Wii to try and cut the list down a bit.

    Mine would be the same, complete more games. I've still got a heap of games I haven't finished the main story with.

    I'm hopeful my self-imposed limit of 1 game purchase per month will aid in this.

    Although, like everyone else life tends to interupt my gaming time.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and sound like a crazy man here, but does anyone want to play games *less* this year??

    I've had afew periods in my gaming years past where weeks/months have just disappeared with nothing to show for it except for afew added kilos, extra BO, and a completed RPG or two; and afterwards thought "That time coulda been spent better". Heck I'm sure I've turned down multiple parties, trips away among other things for the pleasure of zoning out for day(s) in a game.

    I'm not saying to give them up, just perhaps be more selective with game choice, replaying already-played games, etc.

    Mine is to just get more games, so many great games I missed out on this year because I was too swamped with Uni

    I'm using this site to keep a track of my backlog

    ive noticed the reason i buy older games that interest me in the shops on sale is because i forget that i already have a backlog :(

    the sites quite good, allows you to 'level up' by finishing games and has a fortune cookie feature where it can tell you what to play next.

    i don't own or have anything to do with it so its not a plug, its just a cool site :D

    Let me train you at Street Fighter.

    I want to play more games :( I missed a HUGE amount of games this year.

    Were there any good PSP games this last year?

      Little Big Planet, Dissidia (if you're a Final Fantasy fan anyway), Prinny: can I really be the Hero (I think that was 2009 yeah? Good luck finding it though), Holy invasion of privacy Badman what did I do to deserve this? .. Umm, there's a couple others but the list is definitely shallow.

    Mine is to stop neglecting my playstation 3, short but sweet.

    To properly finish Fallout 3, including all the expansions. I think I need to set aside a whole month. My girlfriend is probably gonna hate me.

    get myself a new computer that will let games run on it without closing to desktop or freezing, and complete the games i got last year

    Yeh.. i hate to sound like EVERYONE else here, but mine is pretty much the exact same as yours there Dave.

    Also i have resolved to finally obtain copies of Ico, Shadow of the Collossus, Psychonaughts and Xenosaga 3 (as i need the full set even though i haven't played the 2 i already own yet).

    Also i'd like to add that i will put more effort into obtaining the best possible price for any game i get, as i did with the second half of last year - it's working well getting games so cheap.

    OH!!! ONE MORE!!!
    Bend over backwards to win more Kotaku Competitions. :P

    600+ Lines in Tetris DS :)

    Same with you. I'm been lazy trying to put Mass Effect in my Xbox to finish it before the second. I'm not going to rush to get the second as i'm not going to get it until i've finished the first, so it may be a while.

    But others include: The Orange Box, Crackdown (after many times trying to do so), GTA IV (with the new DLC aswell), Fallout 3 GOTY among a few others.

    I would like to avoid buying some new games, but with Conviction, ME2 & a few others coming, IM DOOMED!

    I need to finish more games as well, and stop buying so many. Having had my debit card for the last year, along with a job and hence spending money, I've been buying far more games than I'll ever have time to play, and playing very little of each individual one.
    I've only finished a few choice ones, and then played the odd hours of other games last year. This year I need to focus more on finishing the games I already have and stop buying more of them.

    I want to get a more able bodied computer for gaming, I'll probably build one, I seriously push my Macbook's processors waaaaaaaaay too hard... and I also seriously want to get into mapping. I've been trying to do so since I played around with the Serious Sam map editor years ago, but I've never really done anything complex with a proper editor like that... now I've started with Valve's Hammer editor and I'm really getting into it... I'm sick of playing all the fodder maps made in five minutes by a 12 year old, so I'm gonna make my own.

    Seems to be a common thing - finishing games - I thought I was the only one that never finsihed them!

    So I guess I'll go one further... Finsih more games so I can trade them in while they are worth something (far, FAR too many games fit into the, "can't trade that in, I'm gunna' finish that one day").

    I wouldn't mind leaping into MMO or RPG or even an MMORPG instead of the same old FPS or Racing or Tiger Woods Golf, problem is I get intimidated by all the "thinking" that is required for my dusty, unused brain and tend to not make it far past the tutorial level before selecting "Quit"...


      None of the MMORPG's i've ever played really involve all that much thinking...

      I mean if there are thousands of screaming 10 year olds on WoW, how hard can it be?

        I couldn't even imagine an mmorpg where you would need to think. Although *brain wave*, each player is a puzzle piece and the aim is to construct a mammoth... thing. Maybe not.

        This could be just my ignorance?

        Isn't there all that tedious stuff like, deciding attributes to level up, and weapons (power vs speed vs durability) and mixing spells, all amounting to a gazillion combinations to create the ultimate warrior or sorcerer or something?

        Then all the, where do I go / what do I do next? and then need for a certain combination of xp and needing certain attributes...

        and walking... so much walking, where you have all that time to "think" to yourself...?

          World of Warcraft is almost the exact opposite of the stereotype it's made out to be, lol... and I'd guess it'd be the same for most MMORPGS. WoW is, contrary to popular belief... a very easy, fun, relaxing game if you don't treat it like some kind of uber hardcore intimidating dungeon crawler... which a lot of people do, but IMO it's very laid back and casual.

          As for the decisions you have to make... there really is nothing that requires too much thought... and there's nothing game breaking if you do pick something wrong, aside from the race and class... and even then you can make a few characters and get a feel for what you like before you go further. Seriously, if you're considering getting into an MMORPG, get the the free WoW trial and see if you like it or not.

          You should try lotro rather than WoW much more on the casual side, and the group quests and raids usually don't require as many people. Plus in between all that mundane grinding you can enjoy the lovely graphics and scenery plus a story line that isn't simply movie references.

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