Tennessean Plays GTA For 40 Hours Straight, Pees Three Times

Barely four months after an Indian equity broker logged a world record by playing Grand Theft Auto IV for 40 hours and 20 minutes, a 19-year-old college kid in Tennessee has beaten it.

David Scherer (pictured), an honours student at Austin Peay (student section chant: "Let's Go Peay!" True story.) logged his 40th hour, 21st consecutive minute playing GTA IV at 4:22 a.m. U.S. Eastern today, and according to WTVF-TV of Nashville, was still playing at 6:30 a.m. Scherer proudly noted he had actually completed more of the game than Chirantan Patnaik, 26, and took one less piss break than Patnaik's four. I don't know that I take fewer than three piss breaks in four hours, much less 40.

In Patnaik's favour, he's probably richer. Scherer said his marathon was inspired to raise money for his swim team to build an indoor pool. Maybe he can wager for some of Patnaik's personal equity.

Clarksville Student Breaks Video Game World Record [WTVF-TV via The Kartel; image by WTVF-TV]



    I don't see how this is something to be proud of, personally. Especially with the odd fatality "caused" (I use the term loosely) by excess gaming.

    I can also see Atkinson or his ilk using it to lambast gamers as "lazy, do-nothings" et cetera.

      "I can also see Atkinson or his ilk using it to lambast gamers as “lazy, do-nothings” et cetera"

      That's a pretty ridiculous jump right there... I don't think he'd say something like that about someone who does anything for fund raising (even if that's just a cover for wanting the record).

      While Michael Atkinson is an idiot, that's a huge move from his party line.

    So I'm guessing he missed the "finish the game in less than 30 hours" trophy? :)

    Looks like he's been punched in the nose one too many times.

      Or forgot to stop at the end of a lap of the pool?

    Seriously, this guy is proud that he only pissed three times in 40 hours, what an idiot, you don't try to do something so stupid. Was the human body designed to do that, no. And people wonder why marathon gamers die in internet cafes.

    They don't do drug tests. Record shouldn't be acknowledged.

    I have know a person who hits go'ey up pretty hard and his constantly doing 48-56hr gaming runs without barely blinking an eye.

    I really don't see how sitting at a TV screen in an easy sand box game can count for anything.

    big deal.... NEXT

    These records are pissweak, if I had GTA4 I'd beat that easily. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

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