The 2010 Zelda Of Your Dreams

Nintendo's refusal to step into the "next" generation of hardware means we're years away from seeing a high definition Zelda game. Still, a man can dream...

These images were generated by Zelda fan Ryu-Gi, using Garry's Mod, a PC utility which allows users to import and edit game characters within Valve's Source engine. Taking some models from Twilight Princess and dropping them in some fancier environments (including what looks like Left 4 Dead's woodland), we're left with what a contemporary Zelda game might have looked like were it not being released on, well, the Wii.

Zelda 2010 Fake Screenshots Thread [Zelda Universe, via Go Nintendo]


    Why is it so important that the next Zelda be HD? Is that some kind of deal-breaking feature?
    I'd be happier with a deeper, more intellectually stimulating Zelda rather than a higher resolution one.

      You're saying they can't do both; and have to do one or the other?

        Nope.. what he's saying is that everyone seems to be wrapped up on the fact the next Zelda *NEEDS* to be HD to be good.

        Their not mutually exclusive =P You can have good looking Zelda and good gameplay (Ocarina back in its day is a great example) but everyone is focused on the "HD or its crap" mentality so much these days xD

    This is really cool! But am I the only one yearning for a cartoon iteration of our protagonist? I mean, the current graphical prowess of the Wii will do very little to glorify the visuals, let's face it, it's not quite up there with the echelon and the likes of the competitors, is it?

    So a cartoon version, akin to Wind Waker's graphical style, would fair better for the Wii, I reckon.

    Save the other style, the traditional route in visual tapestry for the next HD Wii or next generation.

    With the Wii lacking the graphical processing powers I'm afraid the game just won't be as memorable as a cartoon version. I mean how washed out did Twilight Princess look?

    I don't know, I'm really hoping for a cartoon version of Zelda for the Wii. Being a cartoon just lends it that uniqueness, it's just more believable than a Zelda in sub-par graphics looking out dated and all compared to the other platforms' processing might.

      You are not alone! I too wish for a return to the Wind Waker aesthetic for the next console version - although it is highly unlikely :(

      To be fair.. if Twilight Princess actually came out "on time" for the console it was originally designed on (ie. GC) it wouldn't be looking so "last gen and washed out" because it was still "current gen" at the time xD

    More than the Gfx, the thing that shits me most about all zeldas since maybe the snes one, is the ridiculously easy boss fights.

    Come on nintendo give us some challenge!

      Zelda, like most games these days, are dumbed down to appeal (and be more accessible) to the masses.

    Out of all the Zelda games i've played, Ocarina of Time, in all it's glory was by far the most engaging as far as a story goes, and that was on the 64 XD

    Make an iteration of that in HD and im sold :)

    A high graphical quality Zelda? Quit dreaming, Zelda always has been and always will be on a Nintendo platform.

    Art direction, art direction, art direction. You can have as many "next gen" effects as you want but without good art direction it'll still look rubbish. For example The Conduit. These shots look "pretty" but because the art direction is so blegh this would never pass off as a Zelda game.

    Glad to see everyone got a kick out of my screenshots. I didn't realize they'd get famous like this.

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