The Average PC Gamer's Rig, As Of December 2009

Earlier this week, Valve released the latest set of data from their regular hardware survey, revealing just what kind of hardware the average PC gamer is packing these days.

Here are the major findings: you prefer Intel systems to AMD, you prefer NVIDIA graphics cards to ATI, and the majority of you now have at least a dual-core system.

While it's always fun/heart-breaking comparing your own rig to that of the masses, I found one thing amusing; 97.98% of polled users had a DVD drive, something I do not. I'd always felt comfortable with this, games and other media being so easily available digitally these days, but now, I feel a little... alone.

Steam Hardware Survey: December 2009 [Valve]


    People have better computers than me... :(

    Lets not be forgetting those figures only come from PC gamers who HAVE Steam and agreed to send the info. It doesn't represent all PC gamers.

    My AMD 5000+ is above average =D but I want a dual core i7, which I'm sure everyone does
    Alas, my 9500GT drags me down to average

      You mean a quad core i7?

        I'd get much better use out of a high clocked dual core than a low/medium clocked quad core. Besides, the i7 has a virtual thread for each physical core/thread, so that's 4 threads anyway (unless I'm mistaken)

          i7's only come in quad core flavours... so do i5's. The upcomming i3's are dual but those are the replacements for the old celeron line.

            Actually Arrandale i5/i7 is dual core but unfortunately only mobile, not desktop.
            Clarkdale is dual core, which is a desktop processor, but won't be sold as an i7. I guess what I want is an i5 dual core then =P

          Wow I know nothing about computers. Those 2 sentences showed me.

    It's funny that PC gaming hardware has kind of stagnated the last few years. I mean my 4 year old 8800GTX is enough to play virtually any game at max settings. But 4 years ago, a 4-year-old video card would've been a joke that couldn't run anything. I suppose some people will blame that on consoles stalling hardware advancement, but I think it's probably more the fact that it's harder and harder to improve on graphics etc as we get more and more advanced.

    MR waffle what are your power bills like though

      Rofl, yeah I use to have 2 x 8800GTX in SLI, that rig used so much damn power it made the house lights flicker when you powered it up :)

      I'm using a 295GTX now, it's alot more compact and doesn't need the same power levels :)

    Waffle needs a bigger screen with full aa

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