The BBC Want Top Gear, Doctor Who Video Games

The British Broadcasting Corporation is currently "courting" developers and publishers with the aim of turning a number of its key television series into video games.

That means series like Doctor Who, Top Gear and creepy/popular kids show In the Night Garden are being shopped around, with the BBC looking to cover all bases, from Facebook to the iPhone to consoles.

I couldn't care less about those. A Top Gear game would only disappoint, while an In the Night Garden game would only terrify me.

Now, a Hornblower game...

BBC gets back into games [MCV]


    I'd be all for a Hornblower game... but Top Gear?

    Good God no!

    There already is a game called Top Gear :p

    Top Gear Forza 3 or GT5 DLC...

    (Top gear Test Track) there.. done :)

    No! No! Bad! Bad BBC!

    In regards to the Doctor Who game: Telltale or GTFO. A graphic adventure is the only genre that will work

    But there were already several Top Gear games for the SNES. One of which; Top Gear 3000, happens to be the best racing game ever made.

    the only way i could see dr who being a video game would be a point and click adventure like monkey island eg. just puzzle solving with no mindless killing

    Agreed about the BBC's top gear game. My crystal ball says it'll suck, and suffer from broken controls, poor driving physics, embarrassingly bad humour and broken mini game mechanics. Expect 4 out 10.

    Dr Who game has the chance to be good, but IN THE NIGHT GARDEN? AAHHHH!!! That would be the scariest horror game in the world...

    i saw screw doctor who make a torchwood video game that would be awesome if it was doctor who the wouldnt have any weapons apart from the sonic screwdriver and that would kinda suck

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