The Bestselling Game Of All Time In The U.S. Is Wii Play

The NPD Group has compiled fifteen years worth of video game sales in the United States, determining that Nintendo's 2006 release Wii Play is the industry's top seller, beating out Grand Theft Autos and Call of Dutys easily.

And it did it on one platform, with its nearest competitor, Guitar Hero III relying on four platforms to threaten Wii Play for sales dominance. Wii Play is one of three first-party Nintendo games for the Wii that made the NPD Group's list, according to a report from GameSpot, joined by Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii.

Three Call of Duty games made the list, with Modern Warfare 2 dominating its siblings.

The oldest title to make the list was Namco Museum, first released in 1995, the start of NPD's reporting. It did so by brute force, with releases on Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PSP, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and Xbox 360 helping the compilation secure a top ten spot.

The full list can be enjoyed below.

NPD: Wii Play top US best seller to date [GameSpot]


    Its such a farce that Wii Play is included in these top sales lists. May as well include 360 and PS3 controllers too.

    I can appreciate the Wii's success as well as the next guy.. but best selling game of all time - didn't this primarily come bundled with an extra controller? And weren't standalone versions like, a 1/5th of the price of a normal game? It's a series of novelty minigames that complemented the use of the controller it came bundled with. More like a big demo disc, no? I don't really see it legitimately earning the 'US best selling game of all time' title..

      Is it a shit game? Yes... it's more of a tech demo than anything else, however you have it the wrong way around.

      Wii Play WITH Wii Remote. It's marketed as a game that comes with a BONUS controller, so it's valid.

      However, you will find that 99% of all people that bought it will say they bought it for the extra controller, that was ~$5 more expensive (RRP at time of launch) than a stand alone controller and came with a game... there is no denying that...

      Lastly, to remove Wii Play you also would have to remove Guitar Hero III from the very same list because let's face it, 90% of people that bought that would have got one with a Guitar Controller also.

        Yeah true, but at the same time you can't exactly use the Guitar Hero Controller for the remainder of your games library...

        Har har har, that's not how it gets sold now is it? I can guarantee that most retailers will be selling it by saying, "I know you want an extra remote, but for only $10 more you get all these cool games!"

        I know because that's how I sell it.

          I believe I already referenced that in my earlier post, that consumers are buying it for the extra controller. Though, regardless of how retailers spin it, the fact remains that you are buying the game and the extra controller is a bonus, it's on the box itself (Wii Play + Wii Remote), not the other way around.

          Wii Sports is the biggest selling single game of all time, it's technically supposed to be on the top of this list but it's not. Why? Wii Sports is the Bonus for purchasing a Wii console.

    Are they saying i bought a $399 Wii Play with free Wii?

    This title being bestselling game of all time is a joke.

    NOT A FUCKING GAME! sheesh.. how many times do we have to go over it.. its a controller with a demo disc included..

    Might as well include solitare.. it ships with windows.. but it is a game none the less..

    If the industry wants to wank on about the sales of this every week in the charts I propose that Kotaku have the balls to deny its status as software and be the first to rightfully classify it as hardware..

    I chuckled when I read the title, purely because I knew people would get so worked up about it.

    Yes it's dumb - but MOVE ON PEOPLE.

    Ok so it comes bundled, yes it's reportedly a tech demo... But its a game? It got sold? and semantics are the basis of manipulation.

    I agree with Mav. If it was bundled with every Wiimote sold then you might have a point but it's not and it costs more than just a wiimote.

    Also the fact is, this game is played by my kids more than any other wii title we own so saying it's not a game or that it's not good enough is just a failed argument.

    This statistic is a fact. If it upsets you well just move on.

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