The Biggest News Of 2009 According To Famitsu Readers Is...

Japan's biggest gaming publication, Famitsu, has polled a handful of readers (and retailers) about what news they thought made the most substantial impact during last year.

Only a small number of the millions of Famitsu readers participated in this poll — the few, the proud, the dedicated. It would be a stretch to call those gamers who take the time to participate in Famitsu polls "typical Japanese gamers", because they're not. (They're the type of gamers who fill out Famitsu surveys!)

10. The Last Guardian announced (19 reader votes/0 retailer votes) 9. Final Fantasy XIV announced (24/1) 8. Project Natal announced (28/2) 7. PSP-3000 price drop (34/3) 6. Nintendo's R4 lawsuit (27/13) 5. PSPgo announced (32/14) 4. DSi LL goes on sale (40/9) 3. Dragon Quest IX selling more than 2 million copies in 2 days (49/20) 2. Final Fantasy XIII release date announced (65/21) 1. New PS3 model (PS3 Slim) announced (112/42)

Before passing judgment on whether or not Japanese retailers are incredibly jaded, it's interesting that those polled thought the most obvious, rumoured and leaked news of last year was the biggest.

Famitsu Survey: PS3 Slim Announcement Is The Biggest News of 2009 [PS3 Hyper][Pic]


    I’d say the Readers pretty much got it right, the PS3 slim was huge news, and a huge step forward for Sony, lower cost, more HDD space, and it sold like really well. If nothing else we will finally no longer have the George Forman grill jokes.

    Nice to see Natal up there, hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a disappointment and ruin xbox's reputation in japan even more.

      You can't fall from 0.


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