The Cost Of Playing Star Trek Online

Cryptic and Atari have announced the subscription rates for Star Trek Online, finally giving players an idea of the cost of playing the Trek-themed MMO, aside from sleep deprivation and a gradual loss of skin pigment.

Cryptic is going with the current paid MMO standard of $US14.99 a month for Star Trek Online, but there are several options for the dedicated Star Trek fan to get more for his or her money. For instance, there's the 12-month plan for $US119.99, which drops the price $US3 for a year and grants two additional character slots. Better hurry up on that one though, as it's only being offered through February 2nd.

Then there's the ultimate Star Trek Online membership, the lifetime commitment. $US239.99 scores a player lifetime access to the game, along with two additional character slots and access to a Starship captain who has recently been reclaimed from the Borg collective. Yes, playing with the Borg always comes at a price, and like the 12-month plan, you've only got until February 2nd to commit. Resistance, as they say, is futile.

"This subscription pricing and launch promotion announcement is one of the last steps we take before officially releasing Star Trek Online," said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. "We are absolutely thrilled to reveal these final details and we are incredibly excited about launching Star Trek Online this February. For us, this marks the beginning of our game's life — a life of new adventures, discoveries, and dangers. Truly, ours is a universe that will never stop expanding and we simply cannot wait for people to experience it with us."

It all comes to a head on February 2nd. Mark your stardate calendars, ladies and gentlemen.


    Wait, so you have to pay more money if you want to create more characters?

    Glad I don't like Star Trek or I might have wasted money on this.

    If only I had an extra $250 lying around for a Life Sub.

    I've been playing the beta last few days now it this game isn't that bad... Although the way its setup it kinda doesnt feel like a traditional mmo but i dunno if that becasue its in beta and there's not as many people playing yet or they way the different star systems have hubs for certain amounts of players... *shrugs*

    To boldly go where no man has life-subscribed before...

    you shouldent have to pay for memberships in games like this.....

    you pay for the game AND pay to play it.

    if they want to charge membership then the game should be free!

      josh, that argument is already ancient back to when WoW became popular for the non-MMO players.

    I hope they do this for star wars:TOR because i might actually concider paying around $250 and then not having to worry about subs ever.


    Pay to play a game online ?...That's a deal breaker right there...That might fly for the hickoid Xbox crowd but not for this lil' black duck.

      Yes, because millions of dollars worth of server equipment and maintenance grows on trees. Isn't technology just magical?

    I've been playing the Open Beta the last week and I just love it. One of my favourite things is how easy it is to jump between 'single' and 'multiplayer'; you can easily 'go it alone' and explore by yourself, or turn on auto-grouping and meet up with random people when you arrive in a mission. Grouping up with others to bash some Klingon heads is great fun.

    Typically, the amount of "bawwww" on the official forums is thick in the air; it's too easy, too hard, it should play like Freelancer (seriously...), it should play like WoW (...), you should have to walk around your ship to access abilities (because that wouldn't be the most boring thing ever the second time you need to do it)...

    so how many months subs do you get when you buy the game. Going by the price, I would assume about 4 months to get some value out of it, ... or this game is going the way of the dodo.

    I think there is a typo there - shouldn't it be 'drops the price US$3 per month" instead of $3 a year? $3 a year won't even cover the interest you'd earn if you have that money sitting in your bank account.

      Ah, even I've made an error, it should be US$30 a year...

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