The Final Fight Of Aliens Vs Predator

Sega takes a trip down Aliens Vs Predator memory lane, unearthing this little gem from Capcom that probably should have stayed earthed. It's time to hunt!

Sega's blog post starts with the first Alien film and keeps going, covering the Atari 2600 game, the Atari Jaguar port of AvP, and this Final Fight clone from Capcom, in which the Predators arrive on Earth just in time to help giant cyborg and cute scrappy girl cleanse the planet of its infestation.

If Capcom tried to release this game today, the pure ire from the assembled Aliens Vs Predator fans of the internet would spontaneously combust the entire company. Those were indeed the good old days.

Aliens: A Retrospective [Sega Blogs]


    Brilliant! I'll happily admit that I'd play it if released.

    ah played this on mame awhile back ...:)

    Man, I have that on Mame, I bust it out every couple of months and play it through to completion. There's no way it's a bad game. No rose coloured glasses or anything. It's not a GREAT game, but as far as beatemups go, it's one of the far better ones from the 90s. Mike, did you actually play this back then or did you steer clear of it???

    Yeah, what's with the hate for this game? I've got it on Mame and it's definatley one of the best brawlers

    Yeah, this was one of the best beat'em ups back then, man. Such a large amount of enemies on screen for back in the day, not to mention some slick animation and cool power ups.

    If you want a shitty AvP game then look no further than the one on SNES. Was as clunky as the original Mortal Kombat and boring as shit.

    Agreed. This game was awesomely fun! Why so much hate?

    The game had an awesome combo engine too:

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