The Game Industry In 2185

Mass Effect 2 pokes fun at Second Life, sports games, and traditional role-playing games, with a candid glimpse of the intergalactic game industry in the year 2185.

Those of you avoiding Mass Effect 2 spoilers might want to go read up on this week's Nintendo downloads, which contain nothing Mass Effect 2 related whatsoever.

One of my favourite moments in Mass Effect 2 is running into the game trader at the Citadel. I was just running about, minding my own business, when BAM, "You have any games you'd like to trade in?" Then I proceeded to sit there for a good ten minutes, poking the game trader to see what else he'd say.

I was so tickled that I pondered hooking up my video capture card, but GameTrailers did the work for me, leaving me more time to experience the drama of Third Coil.


    Bit late, but:
    You did miss one. I was walking past, prodding him for random bits like you were, and suddenly I passed him as he started talking about some sort of "game" involving hanar, tentacles and asari.

    I actually laughed pretty hard, but I couldn't get it to happen again. Perhaps it's one of those "in passing only" things?

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