The Guns, Skills And Buffs Of MAG

Massively-first-person shooter MAG is a complex PlayStation 3 game.

Not complex in its basic mechanics. You move as groups, aim and shoot. Pretty straight forward. But all of that is built around a lot of different variables.

The instruction manual is, as all are these days, lacking in any real explanation and the players are often unforgiving to those who ask questions.

Fortunately, I just received this handy-dandy guide.

Written by the CEO of private military corporation Raven, the guide spells out the history of MAG's world and its shadow war. It also walks you through the different skill tracks that can be upgraded with points as you go up in level playing the game.

That's pretty straight forward stuff. The tracks include Athleticism, Assault, Personal defence, Electronics, Support, Close Quarters, Marksman, Heavy and Explosives. The skills found within each make you a better shot, give you better weapons, let you heal, run faster and even hold your breath longer when enveloped in clouds of poisonous gas.

But the real MAG porn found in this mag is are the in-depth armoury shots. Photos of weapons and their stats. You could find them all digging through the game, but this is so much easier.

There's also a great walk through of the command system. Once you gain a high enough level you can become a squad leader, and then a platoon leader and finally an officer in command.

Each of these grant the gamer area buffs that will impact all of the soldiers under them who follow orders and stay with their team. Those buffs include slowing bleed outs, granting the ability to call in strafing runs, and even allowing nearby soldiers to slowly heal.


    So it's out in the US - when's it out here?

      Feb 11 or thereabouts.

      I jumped on to Killzone 2 last night, and there were no more than a dozen games *worldwide*.

      I think the rest of the world is checking out MAG while we in Australia twiddle our thumbs :(

        yeah, unfortunatly very typical for us!!!

          In a way thats a god thing...By the time we play it most of the bugs are ironed out.

    Umm did Killzone 2 even sell anything over 3 million worldwide?

    I do own the game - but have been nothing but disappointed ever since getting it. I checked it out on release and actually really liked it. But when i finally got round to buying it when it dropped in price, it seems no one plays it. ANd i didn't really like the single-player so, it kinda just gets dusty at the most.

    I play Warhawk sometimes and there's always hundreds of servers

    Anyway, on topic, this game looks OK, might check it out

    I played the demo/beta and wasn't blown out of the water, but it is a solid online shooter with a LOT of depth. The sole reason I will buy this game is that local servers have been announced. It frustrates me to no end that MW2 doesn't have a locale option like World at War did, and whilst it matches fine at night time, I do shift work and play a lot during the day and am sick of laggy games. Can't wait to play on some local servers!

    This and BC2 are gonna be my next ps3 buys...Should keep me going for a few months.

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