The Japanese Heavy Rain Box Art Stinks


    Gotta say I like the abstract quality of it and it's gotta be 'Heavy Rain' if half your face is submerged

    I don't mind that box art so much. It does have a Japanese creepiness to it though.

    Of the 3 covers. I would say the Japanese version is my favorite. I just like the dark and intriguing tone of it. The origami (looks like a war game) and actors posing (looks like a cheap TV drama) versions are nothing special and generic. If I saw either of those on a shelf without knowing of the game I wouldn't pick them up. This cover on the other hand makes me very curious as to what game this is and I'm already interested.

    Well it is clearly better than the US Version. I just liked the simplicity of the Origami - thats why it looks so good.

    actually of all the three covers, this one would catch my interest the most. The origami second.

    With this box cover I would actually shift my game collection to display this one at the very beginning.

    I actually like the Japanese version better. I dont know about you but it looks like the person is dead. Its creepy. Either way this or the origami for me. But I certainly hate the US one. I would seriously import just because of that cover.

    Lol at most people disagreeing with Brian xD

    I'd rank them thusly:

    EU > JP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> US

    ...which is to say that the European and Japanese covers are both very good, while the US one is a wretched abomination.

    Funny they shied away from the ORIGAMI COVER FOR JAPAN!! Am I the only one that picked that up?

    The Europe boxart is still the best.

      no, i also noticed the irony that the japanese would not be getting the oragami cover. Although i prefer the origami cover this is much better than the horrendous us version

    Best of the 3.

    Ya, gotta say this one is the best. Eu is close though

    I like it. Man with Five O'Clock Dhadow does Backstroke During Downpour.

    I'd like it if you could make out his eye's in the water, rather than being completely dark.
    Nice cover though, don't know why you're complaining about it.

    Nothing beats the EU Collectors ED with the rain effect cover

    Certainley way better than the US. I like how arty it is. We still win though.

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