The Latest Ar Tonelico III Trailer Looks Like This

Ar Tonelico III, the third Ar Tonelico... game, has a new promotional trailer. You can watch it!

The trailer is cutscene and animation heavy, but there is footage of in-game combat and costume options. The potboiler also features plenty of melodrama and underpants. The voice actress who voices Pokémon's Pikachu will be lending her talents to the title in the form of a lady-looks-like-a-dude character Mute.

The PS3 game will be released later this month in Japan.


    I wonder how long it will take for Japanese developers to evolve from static images of characters conversing with each other, and trailers that only show characters, and fancy artwork with not enough emphasis on what the story is. It really disappoints me, because I like RPG's as a whole, and I am quite fond of anime.

    Also they have already lost some credibility with the seemingly compulsory fanservice that is apparent in the character designs and costume transitions. This may be another flop outside of Japan unless we see a ton of features that overshadow the already apparent flaws.

      I think we'd probably have a decent idea of the story if we knew what they were saying. That and Japs are hardly the only ones who make trailers that don't show off the actual game. Still, it does annoy me.

      But hey, fanservice and Mute aside, I'm looking forward to this one. Good to see the girl doing the music is returning too.

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