The Mass Effect 2 Launch Trailer Has It All

Action, adventure, drama, and even a little romance, the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2 covers all the bases.

BioWare sure knows how to put together a trailer, don't they? This Mass Effect 2 launch trailer looks like more of a movie trailer than anything from a video game, which is completely appropriate when you consider how much time and effort the developers have spent creating the fictional universe for the game. If anticipation levels for the game could get any higher, this would be the trailer to make it happen.


    Personally one of my favourite all time trailers for any form of media.

    It has a 9.8 rating from 1585 votes on and that simply doesn't happen with console exclusive titles like Mass Effect as the console fan boys always rates it down.

    EPIC Trailer. Must Watch by anyone!

      i guess it has mass appeal.

      It's not a console exclusive, it's out on PC too.

        The term "console exclusive" refers to it being exclusive to one of the consoles, regardless of its appearance on PC. Mass Effect 2 is a console exclusive for the 360.

    One of the best trailers I've seen in a long time. Next week can't come soon enough.

    its a good trailer well done

    also heads up gize the games been leaked so be carefull spoilers will be trikleing out over the next few weeks

    At 31 sec mark Tali is holding a gun to Geth who looks passive! I really wanted to know more about the Geth as a race and at looks like it could happen!

      That would be legion - an evolution from the original geth. Won't spoil anything else though :P

    Well it's clear to me, at least, that there's gonna be a defector Geth.

    Also, I would love to see this as a live-action cross CG movie; It'd likely cost millions like Avatar, but then again maybe not so much if they can hire the District 9 FX Team plus ramp up the existing game's models (?).

    WOW! and its by gameplay footage too! Woo hoo

    BTW... that dark haired girl, who voices her? Sounds familiar and Australian too.

    This is one of the best gameplay trailers i've ever seen. However, i still LOVE the CGI-Trailer for Mass Effect 2 that was released a few weeks back. That felt like a movie/tv series where it begins showing a few snippets of last weeks episode and then goes black to introduce the firefight for the new episode.

    Mass Effect HAS to be made into a film!

      That would be Yvonne Strahovski who is Australian and is the main chick in Chuck.

    one word... EPIC

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