The Next Assassin's Creed Features Online Multiplayer

Along with new entries in the Raving Rabbids, Ghost Recon and Driver series, Ubisoft has revealed that its fiscal year 2010-11 lineup will include a new entry in the Assassin's Creed series - with online multiplayer.

Ubisoft pulled out the big guns today to help make up for the downward financial outlook for fiscal year 2009-10, dropping franchise names left and right in order to paint a rosier picture for the coming year. One of those names is Assassin's Creed, with the next installment featuring online multiplayer - a first for the series.

From the press release:

"The 2010-11 fiscal year will see a greater number of franchise releases than fiscal year 2009-10, including Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction, a new game in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series, Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands, Driver, Raving Rabbids 4 and a new episode of Assassin's Creed, which will be the first in the series to have an online multiplayer mode."

So how do you take a stealth-action game like Assassin's Creed II and make it multiplayer? Put your speculation hats on, ladies and gentlemen, and fill the comment section with your wisdom. I'll start things off: Tag, you're dead.


    Double tag, you're both dead.

    You know like a double assassination, when you walk inbetween.... ahhhhh forget it!

    I'll just say this, what could be more awesome and satisfying than a bunch of assassin's creeping around a giant map, all looking different, some looking like normal people, then, while walking down a main street BAM, sh!t goes down, (cue epic fight scene)....also, co op, who hasnt wanted a partner to stealthily take down guards on the other side to make your job easier. Finally, 10 people a side, 2 assassin's, 8 templars, a whooole lot of ai peons...the whole city to play in...*quivers with excitement*

    Something I would love would be something like there are a number of targets dotted around the city. Players must take out as many as possible, as stealthily as possible to win. You could bring in wanted factors (if a player is seen in the assassination process, immediately it goes to high alert and you need to bring it down before tackling another target) or specific assassination techniques to score more points (jump off a building into their back for a 2x multiplier). The assassin's could be factions fighting for power in the city, or something.

    The whole multiplayer could be set a little like Bioshock 2's - where it fits in or creates a back story to make the actions seem more purposeful.

    However they do it, it is going to have to be inventive. There's the massive tacked on risk which will be a big perception to throw.

    I think the only thing that would work is coop, unless the levels were particularly small a competitive guards vs asassins mode would only devolve into an endless search & climbing exercise

    Thats awesome. I was only thinking yesterday about games i wished had co-op. ATM i'm not real into FPS online like MW2 etc... i've thrashed it way too hard.

    And i always thought, would be cool for AC2 to have online. I'm more keen for co-op rather than online versing if that is what they mean.

    It may seem rushed for the next AC - but if released in Nov 2011, it will follow the same route that AC2 took after the first. AND i have complete trust in Ubisoft to deliver something proper and great with online play. Especially after what they did with AC2 from the original. It's good that dev's are actually listening, Uncharted 2 anyone?

    I think a one on one thing where one player is the assassin and the other is the victim. The assassin has to assassinate the victim (obviously) and the victim must reach a certain area of the city before the assassin can get them. I just reckon it'd be fun to do the stalking thing as the assassin, and as the victim to be on the constant lookout in the crowds to spot the assassin before he gets you, and then to run away to your destination!

    Online co-op with specially implemented tag team moves (such as one assassin launching the other for an assassination, spring-launches, etc, etc) would be so win.

    The carnival games probably give the biggest insight. Capture the flag, stealing ribbons, and races.

    In addition though, last man standing, the already mentioned co-op, some kind of treasure hunt and of course assassination missions where first to assassinate wins the prize; get detected and you desync forcing stealth, speed and watching your back from opponents who might kill you to achieve the goal.

    Those three alone would be neat.

    The brief game of Capture the Flag in ACII already had me thinking how well multiplayer could work in Assassin's Creed, so while I may have otherwise thought this was a bad idea I now find it very exciting.

    oop Assassins Creed Episode.


    so im thinking major DLC maybe

    why do devs want to multiplayer in everygame now, its simply not needed, co-op is fine but multiplayer isnt needed, spend the time on single player story and design

    Co-op free roam might be nice, plus a few objective type missions. Adds to the replayability. Oh, and that "issue" where you can't replay memories needs to be fixed, or added ;D

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