The One Million Dollar Xbox 360 Console

Got a spare cool million lying around? In the market for a pre-loved console? Or maybe you're just an idiot? Here's the eBay auction you've been waiting for.

Optimistic eBay seller jfl_sales, fresh from flogging off eight cane dining chairs for (coincidentally) $360, has put together a quite remarkable "Xbox 360 gaming pack".

The pack contains:

* Xbox 360 console (likely with a 20GB hard drive) * 3 wireless controllers (batteries not included) * Dynasty Warriors 6 * Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (Colonies Edition) * Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

And how much are they starting the bidding at?


Hurry! There's only a few hours left!

Xbox 360 gaming pack [eBay, thanks Trent!]


    At least he offers local pickup, but batteries not included is a little 'rich' ;-)


    he only has 1 feedback

    Reeks of a man 'forced' to put his RROD machine up for sale, and guaranteeing that it will never happen hehe

    It's a trap!

      haha i win

    I can't afford not to buy this!

    ROFL the bastard wont even post it to you XD

    Me suspects wifey may have forced his hand. Let's hope his cunning plan works: "But Honey, No one bought it! It'll have to stay after all!"

    Also batteries not included, how cheap can you be..

    Somehow i'm left hoping someone (who can afford it mind you) will accept this bargain.

    I'll give him 20 cents for the lot but he has to throw in batteries.

    Pfft, if there's no buy it now option I'm not even going to contemplate it. No bidding wars, a million even or nothing damnit!

    Hmm, sort of inspires me to put up my PS1, its in excellent condition and its the first model rather than the redesign so its practically a rare and valuable antique. Gotta be a million in that...

    Heheehee..."cash on pickup".
    There's no way that could go wrong.

    most expensive red ring of death youll ever have.

    one MILLION dollarhs! epic

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