The PSP Gets Hexyz Force In May

With a name like Hexyz Force, it can only be some sort of Japanese RPG being released for the North American PSP by Atlus, the company that brought us Yggdra Union.

Hexyz Force (pronounced "I have no idea, perhaps Hex-ees?), is a Japanese RPG being released for the PSP on May 25 by Atlus, so if your assumption matched mine, you score two points. Developed by Sting of Riviera, Yggdra Union and Knights in the Nightmare. Hexyz Force is a traditional RPG featuring two different campaigns. Players can choose to play as the young cleric Cecilia or the elite knight Levant as they attempt to save their world from impending doom.

Judging from these screens the game looks gorgeous for a 3D PSP RPG, with more than 20 minutes of anime cutscenes for those of you who prefer a flatter sort of art. They also boast virtually no loading times in their official announcement, which would be lovely. We'll see how that works out when Hexyz Force hits retail and the PlayStation Store this spring.

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    Pronounced - "HEX-WHY-ZEE" I reckon.

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