The Resonance Of Fate Fashion Parade

Don't like your character's outfit? Hair colour? Upcoming tri-Ace role-playing game Resonance of Fate offers players abundant costume customisation options via the in-game boutique.

Hair colour can be changed as well.

Do you have a preference?

The changes are simply to the character's appearance and are reflected through the game, the combat and cutscenes.

Look at...

...all these...

...outfits! Notice the variation in the background characters, too. The ability to change one's in-game appearance is nothing new and has existed in PC games for years. Tri-Ace is having a good at making costume customisation more chic. Resonance of Fate? More like Resonance of Fashion.

Resonance of Fate will be released on January 28 in Japan as End of Eternity. The game will be released in North America this March.


    now this is a great idea i would love to see in many games to come- so many games out there where the characters dress like complete tools. i just wish the industry would have the sense to shamelessly steal this idea...

    wait i forgot to ask- does anyone know if this is coming out in Australia? all it lists is North America- no mention of Australia.... :(

      The Ps3 is region free right? It's probably cheaper to import these days anyway. XD

      Mate, it's a tri-Ace game. If the Star Ocean games are thing to go by, you ask again in one or two years time.

      It is coming out in Aust according to JB's online store. You could pre-order it almost a month ago actually, although as Denz said it might be cheaper to import.

    That... is surprisingly awesome. I approve.

    Yes, actually, a lot of the time I do want to change the outfit of characters. I spent most of the time playing FFXII wanting vaan to put a damn shirt on. Only made what was in my opinion a bad FF worse.

    2nd group pic: L (ERU!)!!!

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