The Rest Of Nyko's New Products

The Nyko Wand+ isn't the only new product Nyko is introducing at CES 2010, with a quad induction charger for your Wii remotes and a couple of items aimed at making your PS3 Slim cooler, literally and figuratively.

The Charge Base Quad IC is a new version of Nyko's normal Charge Base IC, supporting four Wii remotes instead of two. It comes in both white and black, and will be released in March with a SRP of $US49.99.

The Intercooler Slim, due out next month for $US19.99, is of course a cooling device that fits the smaller version of Sony's hardware, just as the Media Hub Slim, due in April for $US19.99, is the slim version of the Media Hub, adding two USB slots, an SD and Memory Stick Pro reader, and a remote control to the PS3 Slim.

So no, the Nyko Wand+ isn't the only new product the company is showing off at CES. Just the most interesting.


    I like the extension so you can have 4 things hooked up via the USB ports.

    thats some dodgy editing on the first pic.

    for me, personally, when i actually play me PS3, i don't find it gets that hot. I haven't checked its warmth as much as my Xbox - but it really only gets that hot when being on say 3 hours+ and when it does, it feels much warmer than a 360.

    Then again this is the fat PS3, so a slim would be hotter.

    pointless slims dont even get that hot

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