The Six Faces Of Dante's Inferno Animated Blu-Ray

Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic hits DVD and Blu-Ray the same day the game drops in stores, with six limited edition covers showcasing Dante's different animated looks.

Six acclaimed anime directors take a stab at EA's hero in Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, each bringing their own look and feel to this companion piece to the eagerly anticipated game. Check out each of the six covers below to see which director and production company is represented.

Should I pick up the collection, I'm leaning towards Manglobe's cover, mainly because I really enjoy saying Manglobe.

JM Animation - Director Lee Seung-Gyu

JM Animation – Director Kim Sang-Jin

Dongwoo Animation – Director Nam Jong-Sik

Film Roman – Director Victor Cook

Production IG – Director Yasoumi Umetsu

Manglobe – Director Shukou Murase


    3rd and 5th ones look the best to me.
    The first 2 look like they have long necks and the 4th one looks kinda washed out.


    EA have turned Dante's Inferno into an overly large franchise even before the first game is released. This is ridiculous. It took Halo ~9 years to get it's anime tie-ins.

      Its Visceral game studio's decision to make these animated features. Dead Space had one and I'm glad they have done the same for this game, because the animation looks pretty good.

    I think they all look pretty sweet but I gotta say either 1,3 or 5 they appeal to me the most cant wait for this game and now the blu-ray awesome.

    Thats totally rad, hope we get these down here as well.

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