The Tekken Movie Trailer Does Not Disappoint

Oh, I don't mean from a quality perspective, because the movie adaptation of Namco Bandai's popular fighter looks deliciously awful. But the fighting game movie bar has been set extremely low for Tekken.

The first trailer for the live action flick is heavy on reminding you that someone competing in the Iron Fist tournament is "the people's choice" and that his mother was killed. And I think you know where this is going. Clearly the director of Tekken, Dwight Little, was not interested in taking liberties with the cast and costumes of the Tekken series.

Tekken looks about as good as Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li and Dead or Alive, which is comforting. But I am a little concerned that I don't see Roger Jr. among the Iron Fist-ers.


    At first I thought this was some kind of spoof on Cracked or Funny or, I don't know what to say. What's next, Virtua Fighter: The Movie?

    Holy Crap, that looked bad.

    The only thing it can take solace in is that it at least looks a million times better than that Van Damme Street Fighter Bollocks. But that really isn't saying much...

    lack of king in trailer makes me sad, same with Law and Paul

      Law was in it... he was the guy who got his ass kicked in the cage fight...

      Law was there for a second... (He's played by Cung Le who is one of my favorite real life fighters.)

    Wow! it looks slightly less shit than Tekken 6!

      tekken 6 was great ya nonce

    yeah Where the hell was King?

    didn't look too bad....

    wow.. this looks amazingly retarded.... did uwe boll have anything to do with the making of this movie?

    And they got a white guy to play Jin Kazuma. So this is another Dragonball Evolution?

      It’s a simple formula really, some studio buys the rights to the movie and the script, hire a no name director, fill the movie to the brim with unknown actors, or perhaps one or two washed up actors they can get cheap. Make the movie on a 25 – 35 million budget, have a horrible theatre run but make up the money in DVD sales.

        They might be no name actors, but a lot of the people starring in this movie have a lot of martial arts cred, which is awesome.

        I also like how they didnt change the costumes, i mean, whats the point of making a tekken movie if the characters dont look the same?

        Um the Dragonball reference is a bit off...Goku was a fricken humanoid alien at what point did he have to be japanese? and at what point did any of the anime characters look japanese??? It was a fictional sodding world people! Sorry personal bug bear of mine... -_- i know i need to get out more.

      Jon Foo is half Chinese. That's puts him closer to Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li because, like, that's a huge reccomendation.

      On the upside, he does have some genuine martial arts skills. That's actually something notable about the trailer. While the movie itself looks naff, the quality of the martial arts looks well above what you'd expect from this kind of rubbish.

      As for King, there appears to be a cat headed fighter doing some kind of flying kick right after the first punch you see.

      he's actually irish-chinese

    Permission to laugh sir?

    Ah dammit I'll just have to say BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't believe how crap that trailer was! Haven't laughed that hard at a video for awhile

    Was that the trailer or was that the movie?

    Its so bad i couldn't even make it halfway through the trailer.
    I still think the street fighter movie is the best "Change the channel!"
    "I should of worked for microsoft"

    Pure gold!

    My main concern is that will Jin be doing Karate? I really liked his karate fighting style in the game but judging from the trailer his fighting style looks dumb. He did a flash-kick (the backflip kick thingy), that doesn't happen in Karate.

    The at least the rest of the fighters seem cast right as far as appearance and fighting styles go. It's a shame that the rest of the movie will suck accept for the fights which may also suck.

    I like how a fighting tournament can decide the fate of the world.

    And I also like how all the punches and kicks sound like someone hitting a lump of putty.

    I cant BELIEVE THERE IS NO KING!!!!! OR PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to Chris: unfortunately theres gonna be one....

    Jin's hair is ALL WRONG!

    I'll probably still end up watching it though.

    Yep, as a movie it looks awful. For kung fu fans it might be saved by the fight choreography, but the editing in that trailer doesn't hold out much hope on that front.

    Sure wish I could watch the trailer such a shame there's an ad with a suspicious link taking up a quarter of the video and then the user who uploaded it felt the need to be a dickhead and put their little quotes everywhere.

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